Certified Household Manager

Personal Statement:

I was born in New York City and raised in Tennessee, the fifth of six children. My father’s brother adopted all six of us when my parents found that they could not care for us. Loyalty and perseverance are very important and are values I hold dear. At my very core, I have a true service heart. I anticipate the needs of those around me and find pleasure in meeting those needs. After serving in the Air Force during World War II, my adoptive father became a successful commercial pilot for 40 years. My adoptive mother was a flight attendant before raising six children and keeping an immaculate home. I was raised Catholic. International travel, gourmet cooking and baking were priorities in our family. An elaborate Sunday evening dinner was a regular ritual. In high school, I realized I had a natural aptitude for order and an eye for detail. Being around my mother and four sisters gave me experience in flower arrangement, gardening, and meal planning, in addition to regular cooking and cleaning. As a devote Christian, I earned a children’s ministry degree, and continue to uphold strong family values. People who know me in a variety of contexts would say their first and enduring observation about me is that I have a genuine joy in serving others. My parents have a strong work ethic and imparted that to me. Given my personality and personal values, serving is not burdensome, but something I truly enjoy. I lived in both Belgium and France, which gave me a great respect for European cuisine and culture. I also lived on a kibbutz in Israel. In Nashville, Tennessee, I had a successful cleaning business serving a high-end clientele, in addition to a small catering company in Nashville with my sister. I have a love of a clean and organized home, particularly one that enjoys good cuisine. In addition to my family experience growing up, I have advanced housekeeping skills in both hotels and private homes. I have also assisted in serving in multiple homes for physicians and business executives. I bring a high level of love and caring to a home and help to create a memorable lifestyle. During the past 20 years, I have worked many parties, banquets, weddings and large events. Early in my career I worked at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center for more than 15 years. It gave me tremendous experience with the logistics and planning required for events. I am trustworthy, loyal and reliable. I’m also very quiet introvert, and often can work through a day without being seen. I desire to cook and support housekeeping where my talent and experience fits well with the needs and desires of the principal. Thank you for the opportunity.