My top 4 service standards are
Property and Grounds





Personal Statement

I grew up in a family of four in a suburb outside Denver, Colorado. We had two dogs and many neighborhood friends. My mother is an accountant and my father is a mechanical engineer and they both epitomize hard work and devotion in all aspects of life. I am lucky to have grown up in an active family lifestyle with an older brother and parents who coached many of our childhood sports teams. My happiest childhood memories are from all the family ski trips we took together. Precious time spent together that created the strong appreciation for family bonds that I have today. Because of this, my two highest values in life are family and honesty.


Throughout my life I’ve always had a calm presence. I noticed early on this calming presence would attract other individuals seeking relief or a friendly ear to listen. As a child, I didn’t fully understand why others desired this, but I knew I enjoyed the feeling of helping those in their moment of need. As I grew into a teenager, I began to better understand my personality traits and my strong desire to help others. The fulfilment and happiness I receive from helping others was a strong indicator that service was my passion.


It wasn’t until I found the Yellowstone Club that I finally found the perfect service style that matched my skill set. I currently manage a magnificent multimillion-dollar portfolio at the Yellowstone Club, an exclusive private community near Big Sky, Montana. Specifically, I tend to all areas of the house both inside and out and am responsible for general upkeep, maintenance, vendor scheduling, staff supervision, and project completion. The homes I manage are mainly used as vacation properties and are often used a few months out of the year.


I’m a highly organized self-starter with strong communication and management skills. I’m trusted to run, operate, and maintain each home as the CEO and be able to track, expense, and manage specific home budgets. When a Principal is in house, my unique position also includes working directly with the family in more of a hospitality role. I’m responsible for daily scheduling, entertainment procurement, and assisting with specific tasks as requested. My current position has trained me to manage people, systems, and resources pertaining to all home aspects and family lifestyles.


I have advanced quickly in my time at the Yellowstone Club because of my attention to detail. I have a mountain casual/Midwestern style of service where I bring a peaceful and calm approach to provide a peaceful and calm environment. I do so by maintaining a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done with a heightened emphasis on doing the job right the first time, even if it takes a little longer.

My experience managing teams, vendors, and family lifestyles; coupled with my passion for service, are why I know I will be a successful Estate Manager. The last few years of my job have brought me more joy and fulfillment than I thought possible from a career. Because of this, I intend to continually refine my skill set in order to provide the best service for those I have the pleasure of working for in the future. Thank you for the opportunity.

Top Standards


My top 4 service standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, Property and Grounds, and   Maintenance.

I learned my administrative skills through several management programs throughout my schooling at Montana State University. I also have hands on learning experience due to my current position at the Yellowstone Club. The skills I learn on the job are real life scenarios that provide invaluable insight to the day to day administrative operations in a home. I’m used to managing employees and vendors for multiple properties at once.

Property & Grounds:

I have always been passionate about the outdoors and enjoy working outside, including my time as a roofer in Colorado. During my four years at the Yellowstone Club, I have taken the time to preserve the beautiful outdoor environment our guests expect. I ensure routine gardening, weeding, landscaping, snow removal, and other maintenance, sometimes by myself and sometimes through vendors. I am also certified to operate pools and spas.


My maintenance abilities come from my father. He taught me how to be hands-on and search for solutions rather than finding help. Being able to logistically think through problems and rectify issues has greatly benefitted me in my current position. I’ve worked on everything from AV equipment to HVAC systems. I will use this talent in a household by not only successfully troubleshooting unforeseen issues, but also creating how-to documentation to educate the staff as well.



·        Skilled with budget procurement and tracking

·         Experience in creating system manuals

·         Skilled with handling staff and Principals’ schedules

·         Responsible for staff training, hiring, and firing

·         Manages all home inventory and necessary vendors

·         Creates documents and task sheets for house operations

·         Proficient with Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and Outlook


·         Implements cleaning plan and creates task sheets for cleaning staff

·         Establishes zones throughout the cleaning environment

·         Schedules housekeeper

·         Responsible for inventory sheets and supply organization


·         Responsible for creating weekly food menus

·         Comfortable working with the chef to coordinate meals

·         Schedules the chef as requested by the Principals

·         Experience with food inventory and sourcing as needed

·         Familiar with creating flavor profiles for the Principals

Clothing & Valet:

·         Excellent with closet organization

·         Manages laundry schedule and the house laundress

·         Responsible for seasonal clothing storage

Grounds & Property:

·         Responsible for creating seasonal task sheets

·         Manages maintenance needs for sprinklers, gardens, patio, outdoor patio and siding

·         Manages weed removal and snow removal, in addition to personally shoveling snow if needed

·         CPO-certified

·         Experience with draining and cleaning pools and spas


·         Knowledgeable with smart home systems: Sonos, Crestron, Lutron, Nest, Ring, and camera systems

·         Implements home systems maintenance schedules, in addition to personally troubleshooting various HVAC or tech issues in a home

·         Comfortable sourcing bids and hiring vendors for projects

·         Responsible for documenting expenses and project progress

·         Knowledgeable with vehicle maintenance

Transportation & Travel:

·         Knowledgeable with itinerary set-up and making travel arrangements

·         Contacts pilots or captains to arrange travel plans

·         Sets up vacation homes and manages vacation properties

·         Delivers vehicle as desired when requested

·         Coordinates drivers and other valet needs

Safety & Protection:

·         Maintains alarm systems in homes

·         Schedules security teams as needed by the Principals

·         Sets up cameras and other security measures for Principals or vacant properties

Personal Care:

Guest Care

·         Responsible for home preparation and greeting guests

·         Develops guest arrival protocols

·         Manages vendors and staff for arrival-ready homes

·         Maintains arrival-ready status at all times

·         Excellent at anticipating needs, including any medical or allergy issues

Pet Care

·         Responsible for feeding, watering, and providing medication and exercise

Child Care

·         Manages childcare team, including nannies and babysitters

·         Schedules staff as needed



































Technical Skills Synopsis


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