Top Standards:
Personal Care






I was born in Paterson, New Jersey to Robert and Arleen Wood in 1970. I am the third child of four siblings. When I was 15, my family moved to upstate New York. Growing up, my Italian and Polish mother raised us Catholic, which instilled in me a strong moral compass.

Even from a young age, I knew how much I loved to serve others. After my parents’ divorce, I demonstrated my desire to serve when I started cooking for my family in lieu of my mother, who started working longer hours to provide for us. As a sixth grader, I pulled off elaborate dinners of Fettuccini Alfredo and homemade cream puffs; the kitchen became a second home for me. Today, more than ever, I enjoy baking cakes, desserts, and specialty cupcakes for friends, guests, and company.

My mother has always been a gracious host. I can remember our Christmas parties and big Easter Sunday dinners, and I would always set the table with being asked. She would make sure we had pressed linens, the best china was on the table, every candle lit, and platters full of food. Today, I love entertaining and cooking, in and out of my home. I have an eye for detail and making sure everything is in its place. The excitement for me begins with the theme planning, flower arrangements, and menu creation.

My parents owned an Italian restaurant called the Mona Lisa, which is what sparked a desire in me to become part of the Service industry. I have fond memories of helping my parents at the restaurant, sitting at the end of the bar sipping on Shirley Temples and folding napkins or polishing glasses As a young adult, this love of food and restaurants didn’t go away, and I worked my way up to managing my own location of the high-end steakhouse chain Del Frisco’s.

While managing a Del Frisco’s in the Denver area, many of my guests noticed my level of professionalism, leadership and dedication. I eventually realized it was time to transition out of the hospitality industry, and accepted a position as a Personal Assistant from one of these devoted guests. I grew into housekeeping and managerial responsibilities, which led me to pursue formal education at the Starkey International Institute for Household Management.

Since coming to Starkey, my positions in private homes have confirmed in me that I have a true Service Heart. As the responsibilities grew, I realized how capable and skilled I was at managing entire households, as well as gaining the respect and trust of my Principal.

As a manager, my style is firm yet collaborative, oftentimes jumping in with a housekeeper to show her a Principal would like a task to be done. I know that my life’s achievement is to be of Service in any way I can. I’m looking forward to bringing my skills to a household that needs me to take on all the responsibilities of a Certified Household Manager.

My top Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, Entertaining, and Personal Care.


  • Experienced with inventory and purchasing for household goods and products, including office supplies and electronic devices
  • Experienced manager of staff, fulfilling HR responsibilities such as the hiring, training and terminating of teams, ranging from 5 to 35 employees
  • Skilled with tracking household expenditures, including special projects and events
  • Comfortable with text, email, phone and in-person communication
  • Skilled at managing vendors, including sourcing, bidding, supervision and invoices
  • Develop staffing schedules, job descriptions, and work with staff for training and daily needs
  • Proficient with Microsoft and Mac products, including Outlook, Word and Excel


  • Experienced managing staff of multiple housekeepers each week, providing hands-on training or supervision to ensure quality of cleanliness and care
  • Capable of properly zoning a home for cleaning using the Starkey System
  • Create task sheets including inventory, products, and procedures
  • Proficient with flower design and interior plant-scape care
  • Experienced with redesign and organizing butler pantries
  • Skilled with cleaning, care and inventory of fine art and collectibles
  • Keep inventory of housekeeping products and tools, maintaining par levels
  • Able to train housekeepers in proper tools, products, and techniques


  • Experienced planning and executing multiple events per week, including parties, fundraisers, formal and informal dinners ranging from 10 to 250 guests
  • Skilled at creating household floral arrangements and care of flower arrangements
  • Able to set a table for both formal and informal meal service
  • Capable of hiring caterers, bartenders and other vendors, as well as renting necessary items
  • Able to create and maintain a formal amenity and gift wrapping program within a home
  • Comfortable sourcing and hiring entertainment for different styles of events such as cocktail parties, corporate events and family gatherings
  • Experienced in French, Russian, American Plated, and Mirrored Service

Personal Care:
Elder Care:

  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment
  • Distribute daily medications
  • Assist with Personal Care needs including support with bathing, mobility needs, etc.
  • Provide safe transport to events and activities
  • Maintain calendar for appointments, activities, and social engagements
  • Prepare meals in accordance with special dietary considerations, as directed by doctor or nutritionist

Child Care:

  • Coordinate activities and schedules, maintain family calendar
  • Transport to/from school, appointments, other activities
  • Assist with homework and special school projects
  • Comfortable working in a child-sensitive environment with school-aged children

 Pet Care:

  • Daily activities and exercise
  • Special diet needs
  • Training with leash and harness
  • Grooming/nail clipping
  • Manage vendors in regard to vet, grooming, and trainers

Guest Care:

  • Create Guest Profiles with diet, allergies or other special needs
  • Able to create itineraries for incoming guests, including area attractions and interests
  • Maintain concierge-style service with all guests in residence