January 2020 Course

Ring in the new decade with genuine support and the best in private service education! Come experience two weeks in Denver at the newly renovated historic Starkey Mansion this winter. From Jan. 19-31, six students will have the opportunity to learn the skills it takes to succeed in Household Management. #1 Become Certified in our Starkey Household Management System course, learning our 11 patented management tools unique for private service. #2... read more

Starkey Summer 2019

What's Going on At Starkey! July 22nd to August 3rd 2019 Certified Household Management Systems and Personal Statement Courses offered at the Starkey Mansion. $7,745. Includes Service Education and Housing, breakfast and lunch provided. VA Certified STARKEY SERVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Starkey's Service Management Patented System Any size estate, or property; any number of family members 11 unique Private Service Management Tools and Household... read more
2019 RTA Reunion Event

2019 RTA Reunion Event

Calling All Starkey Graduates What's New at Starkey! RTA Reunion & Starkey Mansion Restoration. A Weekend Experience of Meeting Up With Old Friends and Making New Ones! August 10th and 11th 2019 at the Starkey Mansion     Saturday the 10th. Saying Hello! Mansion tour restorations and hugs 10:00 am until to 2:00 pm A Coffee brunch and more.   Sharing Memories at the Mansion and in the Journey of Serving! 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm Wine... read more
Starkey Household Manager Graduates Available Now for the New York City Area!

Starkey Household Manager Graduates Available Now for the New York City Area!

Starkey Graduates Now Available For NYC and surrounding Boroughs           Starkey Household Manager Graduates Available Now! Vanessa Lancaric I was born in Paris, France to an American father and a French mother, making me a dual citizen. My father was born in Czechoslovakia to a Slovak father who built a textile company from the ground and a Hungarian mother who was a social worker. Both were of the Catholic faith.... read more

Satter Foundation

Starkey International Scholarships for our Military 2014 The Satter Foundation has again contributed scholarship monies to Starkey’s non-profit Restoring the Art scholarship fund specifically designated for Military personnel in earning their Starkey Certifications.  Starkey International has long supported Military Enlisted Aides and Officers who wish to professionally join Starkey’s family of Certified Household Management Graduates.  Please... read more

Announcing Starkey China

Starkey International has reached agreements with China's largest household service organization, China Home Services Association, and Gaoyang Vocational Education Development Center which is working with top universities to provide Starkey education and curriculum throughout China. This would allow Starkey International to engage in the training and education of Chinese household service professionals through mutual cooperation. Gaoyang center... read more

Note of Appreciation from Denver Professional Mens Club

  Mary, Just a note of appreciation to you for hosting the Denver Professional Mens Club for our meeting in September! Time slipped away from me however you have been in my thoughts as I think it is really grand of you to host us at your wonderful home and business.  Your staff as always were great and I've attached a photo of them that wonderful night. Have a great holiday season, 2012 has slipped by so very fast but as they say the older... read more


Social protocol is an aspect of etiquette defined as a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary norms within a society, social class or group.  The French word etiquette literally signified a tag or label first used in the French Royal Court in the early to mid 1700’s to instruct guests on how to behave when dining at the King’s Table. In modern times, in the more common situation where the... read more
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