WHMIS Alberta

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WHMIS Alberta

Providing your employees with proper safety training could be the best thing that you ever do for the future of your business. There are a lot of benefits to ensuring that your employees have the training that they need to stay safe while on the job. According to the Alberta Health and Safety Code, all businesses that have employees who work with or around controlled products must provide WHMIS training. WHMIS training provides employees with the required information and best practices to follow when handling hazardous waste. This training informs employees on what to do if they come in contact with hazardous materials and helps them stay as safe as possible.

Seeking WHMIS in Alberta

Recent stats show that there are approximately one thousand deaths in Canada that are job related each year. Many of these deaths are caused by accidental exposure to hazardous products, and could have been avoided with the proper training. Keeping your employees safe should be one of your biggest concerns as a business owner. WHMIS is an abbreviation for the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System, which was established in 1988 in an attempt to protect workers. The basis of this program is to demonstrate safe practices to business owners and employees that work around or with hazardous materials or waste. It offers standardized information sheets and offers a standard in communication between employers and employees about materials use around or in a job site.

Keeping Employees Safe from Hazardous Materials

Employees that work with or around hazardous materials are putting themselves at risk every single day in order to make a living. As an employer, it is your job and responsibility to go the extra mile to ensure that your employees are as informed as possible about hazardous materials in the workplace. If your employees are well educated regarding how to safely work around or with hazardous materials, there is a lower risk of them becoming injured or ill. As an employer, it is your job to identify all materials in the workplace that are hazardous. Materials that are hazardous are expected to be clearly labeled, and you are required to train your employees how to safely handle hazardous wastes.

Where to Find WHMIS in Alberta

As an employer, it is also your responsibility to provide your workers with safety data sheets and to provide your employees with safety training. Many employers do not have WHMIS training on the job site, which can make complying with the requirements a bit tricky. That is where our team at DLK Consulting comes in to lend a helping hand when you need it the most. We provide over six hundred online courses and are experts in safety training.

We can help your employees become WHMIS trained and certified in no time, and we add content to our online library each day. Our safety training courses are industry recognized for their excellence. There has never been a better time to reach out to our team at DLK Consulting to learn how we can cater to your needs.

WHMIS Alberta

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