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I was born in Washington, DC on May 3, 1969, the 11th of 15 children. My mother was a Navy wife, medical secretary and homemaker. My father was a Navy air traffic controller before becoming a contractor, building many churches in the area. At an early age, I was exposed to Washington’s cultural activities: trips to Smithsonian museums, national parks and churches. We also spent time at our second home, a coastal beach house in Delaware. My life was happy, with two very devoted, family-oriented parents who taught us great morals, values, and ethics. My Catholic faith is a central part of my world as I navigate through life.

Some of my happiest memories from my upbringing are boating, family gatherings and momentous celebrations, where we prepared food from scratch, cut fresh flowers from the garden and used fine china, crystal and silver to adorn to craft beautiful table settings. My Service Heart began to take form as a child who loved being in the kitchen. The appreciation of freshness, quality, presentation down to the last detail, a passion for cooking and the desire to share these things with others became the foundations that led me into Private Service. As a young adult, friends and family would often say I had such a gift for creating wonderful meals and a lovely home. My siblings describe me as tenacious, conscientious, creative, loyal, reasonable, optimistic, calm-natured, confident and precise.

In my early 20s, I was in a tragic car accident that has defined my journey into becoming a Service Heart. I realized God had a bigger plan for my life than I realized, and I jumped at the opportunity to be able to cook and travel. My will to bring happiness to others and share my talents with food and entertaining started to clarify. I had to make a way for myself and my future, so I began educating myself on fine cooking.

In 1995, I began taking French cooking courses at L’Academie De Cuisine, and became a part-time assistant to founder Francois Dionot, the culinary school’s founder. I worked as a Private Chef in the formal home of a well-recognized Washington businessman position for several years. I mentored under a British-trained Estate Manager and worked closely with Executive Housekeepers, Housemen, Drivers and Captains. I learned a great deal about business protocol and etiquette, housekeeping standards, formal and informal entertaining and administrative duties. I was a team player and assisted in supervising household personnel.

The last 23 years have been filled with amazing roles in wonderful homes and yachts as Private Chef and Household Management duties. These positions, along with my will to advance, have led me to becoming a Certified Household Manager through the Starkey International Institute for Household Management. The right relationship with my Principals has always been more important to me than my salary. I will bring the value of a competent, self-assured and disciplined work ethic to a home, along with an amicable, polite and genuine presence. What I bring to a home is a respectful, intellectual process of making a true difference.

My top Service Standards are Administrative, Culinary, Entertaining and Housekeeping.


  • Familiar with the use of PC/MAC operating systems and various software programs including Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, Excel and Smartsheet
  • Communicates with Principal on priorities and household needs/schedules
  • Maintains schedules and daily hours worked for all household personnel
  • Skilled with cataloging household art, collectibles, silver, crystal and china; coordinates the sale of antique furniture
  • Creates inventory list for food and personal care items and compiles computer-generated weekly menus
  • Experienced organizing and maintaining an off-site storage unit
  • Capable of ordering housewares, fine crystal, fine china, sterling silver flatware and serving pieces
  • Comfortable with HR duties including hiring, firing and training of staff
  • Experienced with supervising a housekeeping and culinary support team of eight individuals at the most
  • Capable of planning high-end estate and yacht gatherings
  • Provides leadership to professional catering personnel for special events from five to 500 guests
  • Capable of scheduling, managing and overseeing vendors, including contractors and maintenance personnel
  • Reviews and approves invoices, bill paying and account reconciliations
  • Communicates with the Family Office about financial matters
  • Coordinates setup, opening, provisioning and operation of exclusive secondary homes/yachts
  • Purchases gifts and specialty items
  • Able to arrange ground transportation and travel


  • Raised in a large family-oriented home that entertained regularly and stressed cooking with fresh, seasonal foods
  • Attended many regional culinary classes/seminars including experiences under Patrick O’Connell of The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia and Francois Dionot of L’Acedemie de Cuisine in Maryland
  • Studied and worked under Emeril Lagasse at Emeril’s Delmonico in New Orleans, LA in Patisserie (pastries) and Garde Manger (the prep area for cold dishes)
  • Positioned as a Private Chef in exclusive homes and yachts in Washington DC; Miami and Los Angeles for a prominent retail real estate developer
  • Served as Private Chef for many prominent figures and celebrities, including the wife of the Ambassador to Switzerland
  • Extensive knowledge of various Pacific and Atlantic Coast cuisines, such as Pacific Rim, New England, California Spa, yacht and seafood cuisine
  • Knowledgeable of London’s and France’s food culture
  • Capable of cooking for heart-healthy, diabetic, vegetarian, paleo and Celiac diets
  • Coordinates large events with caterers, floral designers and entertainment at events, including political fundraisers hosting the President of the United States
  • Manages culinary staff and entertaining staff for parties and special events
  • Capable of serving family meals/dinner parties in various serving styles
  • Familiar with table settings
  • Capable of pairing of food and wine
  • Knowledgeable of logging, purchasing and maintaining wine and liquor
  • Skilled at creating different themed parties such as a Hawaiian Pig Roast and a New England Clam Bake
  • Skilled with coordinating and setting up large-scale holiday decorations
  • Highly skilled with knives, learned through formal training and years of practice
  • Contributes to menu development for daily, weekly meals, parties and events
  • Compiles and maintains all food and beverage inventory lists
  • Provisions all culinary items, including trips to various high-end markets and farms
  • Skilled with organizing kitchen and galley refrigerators, freezers and pantries for multiple properties and yachts, often simultaneously
  • Maintains all kitchen and galley equipment, outsourcing vendors for maintenance
  • Involved in planning multiple high-end kitchen (both indoor and outdoor) redesigns, including researching and purchasing top-of-the-line stoves, grills and appliances
  • Maintains culinary and entertaining budgets according to Principal’s standard
  • Experienced teaching cooking classes to children ages 5-12
  • Contributes to cooking for homeless shelters on Skid Row in Los Angeles


  • Graduate of the patented Starkey Service Household Management Program
  • Mentored four years under a British-trained Butler/Estate Manager in Washington, DC
  • Skilled with scheduling the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly detailed cleaning, including gilded surfaces and window screens
  • Competent in zoning a property and creating customized, timed housekeeping task sheets for each zone
  • Comfortable with interviewing potential housekeepers and communicating about any staff problems or concerns
  • Leader in demonstrating proper technique, the use of appropriate tools, products and delegating duties
  • Organizes inventory lists for all housekeeping items, including personal care items for all family members and guests
  • Extensive experience with the detailed, interior and exterior cleaning of high-end homes and yachts
  • Familiar with cleaning fine collectibles, art, carpets and furniture
  • Understands proper care of surfaces, granite, stone, hardwood floors and stainless steel using specific products
  • Knowledgeable of biodegradable and green cleaning products such as Ecos, Method Home, Seventh Generation and homemade cleaning products
  • Maintains the cleanliness of patio/pool furniture, travertine balconies and decks
  • Understands laundering, sorting fabrics and dry cleaning
  • Familiar with folding clothes, bedding and towels
  • Experienced with ironing, steaming of bedding, linens and clothing items
  • Knowledgeable of bed-making techniques as defined by Emily Post
  • Resources additional vendors as needed for glass cleaning, carpet and furniture cleaning as well as the polishing of hardwood floors

Testimonial: B. Drummond

There are no words to express how ridiculous these accusations are. This seems like an act of an individual that wants to shame and misjudge a woman that has worked hard to make her name and brand in this country, a woman that has been the aide of and for so many members of the African American community and many others from various countries myself included.

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Testimonial: J. Bates

Starkey International, is the best Estate and Household mngmt program in the country and arguably the world. As a graduate of both the standard and advanced course; as a practicing manager of a 50k sq ft primary and multiple residence operation; having a degree in hotel/restaurant mnmgt and been in military service for 24 years I feel fairly qualified to make these following statements.

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Testimonial: Johnathan RG

You are one of the most the most amazing person I had meet in my life, kind, caring compassionate, I experience this wonderful thing I have learned a lot from you is sad you are experience this situation, as a person of color make no sense for me , we love you Mary Louise Rohl Starkey
Johnathan RG

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Testimonial: T. Brown

Mary Louise Starkey has changed countless people’s lives,many colors,races,poor,rich -she has purpose and is kind helping our great military and the USA and many other nations....she is a family lady raising wonderful children and helping friend,relatives
T. Brown

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Testimonial: J. Stravoscoufis

"You and your team showed me so much kindness and understanding. You also taught me skills that I use every day in every and your team were a big inspiration in my life and a force for good. I would like to thank you for all your effort and true friendship you showed me. You are a class act and I cherish my memories at Starkey all the time."

J. Stravoscoufis, Starkey Class of 2004

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