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The Starkey International Brand


The Starkey International Brand Starkey Seal ” The “Starkey Brand” has been carefully developed and promoted over the last 35 years to stand for quality and to specifically support our Graduates and those Principals that hire our Graduates. Starkey has been featured as the Harvard of Private Service on  TV networks, in Publications, and other media for many years. Our Starkey Brand and Crest is well-known throughout the industry in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Europe and Asia as setting the Standard for Private Service. It is our commitment to creating a growing profession and education that brings great value and expertise.

mary-starkey-educationStarkey International Institute for Household Management

Mrs. Mary Louise Starkey is the primary  founder  of the U.S. household /estate management profession, and has been the torchbearer of Private Service for over thirty years.  She is referred to as the “First Lady of Service”!  As Starkey International was the first Institute for Household Management, we have Set the Standard for the industry!  Our programs are now imitated, but never duplicated, by other schools in the USA, Canada, and Europe

Our educational courses and placement expertise have been fine tuned over many years, thereby proving our commitment to the Service Management Profession.  We are considered a hybrid of sophisticated education in Household and Service Management.  We have been positioned at the Master’s Degree level of education by our college administrative colleagues.  We have focused on quality as opposed to quantity, and have continued to develop progressive and inspirational curriculums  serving a highly varied American marketplace.  Our Placement  strategies have also been proven to be genuine and highly successful.  We have published multiple text books, including our 704 page Original Guide to Private Service Management and others for both our Clientele and our Students, and patented our own Service  Management  System   with a “state of the art” s , StarkeyHQ Service Management Software.

household-managementAbout Starkey International

We are a highly sophisticated Service Management education corporation teaching the art form of Private Service.  We are a state-approved vocational institute.  We are also a seasoned Placement Corporation, placing our new and veteran Service Graduates with a 90% success rate.

Our Publishing Company, Mansion Publishing  has penned 22  Service Management Publications for our Students and our Employer Clientele, along with our state of the art HQ Service Management Software.  We house Starkey in a classical and registered historical mansion, built in 1901. This 13,000 square foot high-end private residence, in the heart of Denver, is where students are invited to reside while in training and where we conduct our Household and Service Management Programs.

keys-and-crownThe Key

Starkey International provides the key that opens doors leading to the Private Service profession and a career in Household Management; and to experience “Service as an Expertise.” Whether you want to enter the profession as a Household Manager, Service Manager, Private Chef or Butler; or are looking for professional Household Management staff, Starkey International can “Make a Difference” in your life!

The Starkey Mission

To create a world-class Private Service industry in which Household Management, the Service Manager, the Personal Assistant, and the Private Service Butler are seen as an art form; continuing education and growth are valued; and standards of professionalism are recognized, honored and fortified.