My top three Service Standards:

Personal Statement

I was born and raised in Nicaragua, Central America. I am the third child of 7; my two older brothers were separated from our family when I was 10. Ever since, I took the role of the oldest child. I grew up Catholic and attended Catholic School. My parents always taught us the importance of values, moral and ethics. They constantly told us to do the right thing and be responsible of our actions. The value of integrity is an inherent part of who I am.

My Grandfather was an elementary school teacher, my grandmother was a homemaker. My Father was a teacher too and my mother was a nurse. My mom is a wonderful woman, she always worked hard. My parents are still alive relatively healthy. We grew up in a small home, in a middle of a Civil War, that last 10 years, where the communist system was established. From young age I learned to do everything in the house, cook, clean, laundry, childcare, manage my family household budget. My parents were always working a lot, I knew I had to step in and help. I took full charge of running my home, from parenting my siblings, shopping groceries, paying the bills, and attending the parent school meeting of my young brothers and sisters. These experiences of life have taught me to be responsible, work hard for those I love, be a role model and make decision; and to earn what I have. My philosophy is that we are responsible for ourselves and our family, not the Government, not the Church, not the civil society, only we are.

In 2004, I was forced to come to this Magnificent Country, because the financial situation of my family. The first work I found was housekeeping, and the little I did know, I found myself on the Services Path. I enjoy what I do! I feel great pleasure in giving and serving. Serving has been part of my life, my journey.

I recently graduated from Starkey International Institute with a Certificate in Advanced Household Management. As part of my professional growth, I am honoured to pursue a career as a Household Manager. Although I have never held before a formal title position of Household Manager, I have performed all of the duties and upheld the responsibilities.

I have 4 years as an Assistant Manager, 15 years as a Housekeeper of fine homes, working in Bal Harbour, Wellington, and West Palm Beach, FI. I place a high value on professional and personal growth.  I am a hard worker, have a strong sense of professionalism, integrity, responsibility, excellence, and am a self-starter. I can work independently as well as be part of a team.  My main goal in each position is fulfil my Principal’s needs, uphold their standards and their lifestyle.  While in the past I have primarily lived in the south, and in my home county of Nicaragua, I prefer an environment where I am able to experience the four seasons.  I find myself no longer wanting the intense heat of the South or Florida.  I am single, never married, no children or pets.  I love reading and enjoy my own company. I appreciate you taking time to review my credentials and would like to thank you for your consideration.

My top three Service Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, and Clothing.

  • Administrative: Through my formal education and experience in the field, I have gained administrative skill. I have learned that be organized, planning your job or activities, or a simple to do list, effective communication with your employer or co-workers, Teamwork, problem solving skill, self-direction, costumer services, work ethic, sense of urgency, responsibility to complete the job on time and in quality manner, are crucial skills to have a home running smoothly and efficiently. Without this skill you cannot have a home running successfully.  Even in my personal life I applied these principles, I cannot live without a Planner (agenda).  I am the oldest child.  My parent always pushed me harder and had high expectations from me. As the oldest child, you learn a sense of responsibility and leadership to protect your siblings and be an example for them. Since young age I always had big responsibilities to manage my parent house and to be involved in raising my brothers’ sisters. I discovered I liked being in charge, directing, delegating, searching for solutions, negotiating, and communicating etc. My formal education and my work experience have polished these talents. 
  • Housekeeping: In my personal and humble opinion,housekeeping tasks are the heart of all services in a home, because it creates a clean and organized environment.  Since I was a little girl, I always liked to clean and organize. I think it makes one’s life easier. Since a came to this country I have been working and cleaning in houses, and later managing one house.  There is a psychological study that proves that a cleaning and organized environment changes the mood in a person. It is always important to have in mind that everyone has their own different concepts of cleaning.  Since I was little, I enjoy cleaning and organizing. I was always taking the initiative to clean and organize my parents’ house, without them asking me. And working for all these families and houses, through all this year I have learned more about the art of high-end housekeeping. The way you clean a 35,000 home is totally different from the way you clean a 12,000 sq. ft. home.
  • Clothing: Cloth is an important part of your personal image, how you dress or present yourself, could define your personality. There is a famous phrase: People will judge you for how you dress and how you present yourself. I love clothes, shoes, the casual, the classic, elegant, simple, not too much with the trendy. Through all this time working for different families, I have learned a lot about clothing, fine fabrics, and designers. How to take care of them, from washing, hand washing, spot treatment, and meticulous organization of closets.  I always had a strong interest for clothing, shoes, garments and accessories, hats, belts, scarfs, and fashion etc. My Mom always said that I must match my shoes, and belts with my handbags, and I always must look presentable. She taught me how to do simple mending, sewing buttons, etc. Of course, my workplace has been a true school and lab to perfecting my clothing skills.

Technical Skills Synopsis:


  • Able to set up a customized Service Management Plan
  • Familiar with the use of PC, word, excel
  • Organizing and Planning the daily activities
  • Planning the weekly schedules
  • Communicating and reporting
  • Filing and document all receipts and invoices
  • Managing and communicating with vendor
  • Answering phone and taking massage
  • Creating task sheets for the staff
  • Delegating and supervising staff


  • Zoning or designating areas for weekly cleaning, a customized Plan OusekhoHouHP
  • Clean and organize through the entire house
  • Care of antiques, and art
  • Able to clean different surfaces: Natural stone, marble, lime stone, onyx, wood, fine rugs, wool and silk rugs
  • Able to clean and polish fine metal: Silver, copper, brass
  • Able to care of shoes and leathers items
  • Bed-making and turn down service


  • Able to cook vegan food, and keto diet
  • Comfortable to make simple meals
  • Able to fallow recipes
  • Grill chicken
  • Able to roast and steam vegetables
  • Able to make gluten free bread
  • Able to cook vegan food from scratch
  • Able to make vegan soups
  • Enjoy coking Healthy whole food

Clothing & Valet

  • Understand how to care for the different types of fabrics
  • Laundering and Ironing clothes
  • Folding and ironing sheets
  • Able to treat stains.
  • Rotation of clothing for seasonal storage.
  • Able to organize closets.
  • Able to pack and unpack.
  • I have personal interest in clothing and fashion.


  • Comfortable in setting up an entertainment plan
  • Able to set a Formal table
  • Able to make simple flower arrangements
  • Able to serve at formal and casual table
  • Able to care fine china, crystal and silver and linens  

Property & Grounds

  • Able to maintain outdoor structures/facilities
  • Able to set right temperatures for pool and Jacuzzi
  • Able to control the outdoor sound system


  • Able to manage Smart Home System
  • Able to change light bulbs and AC filters
  • Able to keep a log and schedule regular preventive maintenance services
  • Able to keep all vendor information accessible

Travel & Transportation

  • Comfortable driving the family
  • Coordinate maintenance of vehicle and services

       Security & Protection

  • CPR certified
  • Performed security check through the home.

Personal Care:

  • Child
  • Experience caring for children ages new born to teens
  • Understand children and their needs
  • Potty training
  • Guest
  • Able to care for guests with the same standards of Principals
  • Experience working in home with frequent Guests.
  • Guest management knowledge (Guest Profile, likes, dislikes, tourism services)
  • Concierge services offered
  • Pet
  • Able to feed and care for pets
  • Supervise medical care
  • Management of pet allergens
  • Elder
  • Feel comfortable caring for elders
  • Natural compassion for elders
  • Comfortable providing medication to elders
  • Able assisting with essential hygiene and basic daily functions


My Top Standards:


I am part of a large family with five children, a career military father and a gentle Southern mother.  Although my parents are deceased, their legacy of instilling strong character, integrity and an incomparable work ethic have contributed to success in every facet of my work and private life.  While I consider Michigan my home, I have lived all over the world, and regularly communicate with my siblings to discuss family issues and catch up as friends.  Early on, I worked in the mortgage business; I reported to 3 company vice presidents and was responsible for the management of their sizable loan portfolio.  Direction of support staff through effective communication along with strong organizational skills and attention to detail helped our team achieve our goals.  These organizational skills along with the fastidious nature of my personality have been the key to my success in the world of business and have ultimately translated to my success in managing households.  Growing up, military service was my way of life, and now as an adult, Household Management service is my way of life.

As my career in Private Service has evolved, so has my family.  I cherish my time with my wife and children, and am fortunate that my wife is able to stay home with our children and provide a loving, nurturing environment for them.  Quality of life is very important to me – both in supporting my Principal’s quality of life, as well as having quality time with my family when possible.

I have been employed in a variety of Private Service positions, both as a Household Manager and as an Estate Manager.  Through all of these positions, I have preferred to keep my hands-on perspective.

I have assisted in all facets of management from working with vendors to supporting a variety of household staff.  This has included hiring caterers and supporting entertaining.  When asked to take on additional responsibilities, I view the challenge with enthusiasm – I always rise to the occasion and make sure the task is completed and lives up to or exceeds the expected standards. 

Earning my Household Management Certification at Starkey International allowed me to more clearly identify the strengths I possess and also acted as a conduit directing me to a specific career in private service.  When determining the area where the most satisfaction was derived, serving people’s needs always comes to the forefront.  I greatly enjoy being in a position that allows the utilization of my organizational skills and attention to detail, leading staff and taking that extra step to provide satisfaction for my employer in anticipating needs and “making a difference”. 

Administrative – I am highly adept at organizing office files, paying bills, developing and resourcing good employees and vendors, supporting daily household operations while keeping an overall household calendar for all daily, weekly and seasonal Housekeeping, Maintenance and Property & Grounds needs. Much communication tends to happen electronically, which I do very well.  I also excel at caring for valuables from furniture to artwork.  I have recently been part of a team at our property that developed an entire Maintenance Matrix covering all engineering and care needs for our property and grounds.

Housekeeping I have always enjoyed living and working in a very clean and organized environment.  I feel a sense of immediate satisfaction seeing a space go from messy or unorganized to clean and orderly.  Because of my hands-on nature, there is no task to large or too small for me to tackle.  I am comfortable training staff and upholding standards throughout the home.  I have learned that developing customized zoning and task sheets immediately raises standards within a home.

Maintenance I consider myself to be a “Jack of all trades” and capable of problem solving in a variety of situations.  I have performed basic maintenance tasks in all of my positions, as well as in my own home.  My maintenance skills have been honed over the years while maintaining large estates and properties both through hands-on tasks as well as managing vendors for larger or more complex projects.  Implementing task sheets and maintenance schedules has become second nature to me, and I enjoy seeing projects through from conception to completion.

Technical Skill Synopsis:

Technical Skill Synopsis:


  • Direct and interact with staff to communicate standards of estate
  • Perform all HR Duties relating to staffing of estate staff (hire-extensive background, criminal, credit and drug test, termination, payroll, annual reviews) benefits administration
  • Select and manage benefits for yacht crew
  • Administrator for yacht and airplane entities
  • Manage all aspects of personal, property and business insurance for Principals and LLCs
  • Update insurance coverage as needed
  • Maintain inventory of all jewelry, silver and artwork purchases
  • Schedule and oversee extensive list of vendors
  • Act as liaison between builder and principals during large scale construction project
  • Work with attorneys, accountants and financial advisor team as needed
  • Assess and purchase all provisions for estate.
  • Process all mail, review all personal and LLCs invoices for payment
  • Manage all personal and business bank accounts
  • Update household management manual/task sheets as needed
  • Responsible for appropriation of funds for all operating expenses
  • Arrange movement of capital as needed
  • Manage annual foundation donations
  • Created and managed Household Management Manual and task sheets for all positions, to ensure accountability and consistency with service delivery on estate.
  • Conducted weekly staff meetings to address service delivery challenges and status of all maintenance and projects
  • Schedule all household vendor appointments
  • Maintained inventory of all household supplies and personal items for the principals.



  • Created customized zoning for cleaning of multiple properties


Technical Skill Synopsis Continued:


  • Provided Housekeeping staff with task sheets identifying morning and evening daily graces, specific supplies to be used and frequency of cleaning for each zone
  • Research and implement most effective means of maintaining collections in home
  • Purchase all cleaning products/tools and monitor efficacy, revise as needed
  • Regularly review housekeeping “diary” of completed task sheets and do zone “walk” to ensure that all standards and preferences are being maintained.
  • Performed “Daily Graces” to restore order, and light house cleaning in the absence of the house cleaner.
  • Maintained inventory of bedding/clothing items sent for cleaning and repair.



  • Created extensive “in residence” and “returning to home” grocery shopping list
  • Assess and monitor changing food preferences to be communicated to chef
  • Monitor standards of cleanliness of kitchen and all utensils
  • Interact with healthcare advocate and chef to assist Principals with implementing changes in diet as recommended.
  • Assist chef in maintaining “specialty” item food inventory and rotation of fresh foods.
  • Purchase/maintain culinary equipment as needed.
  • Worked with Principal to create and implement a weekly menu and efficient shopping   practices with chef
  • Request special dietary needs of guests at home and on yacht to be communicated to chef
  • Presented “light” menu for evening/post work late night meals
  • Completed internet research to source healthy, appealing food for weekly menu presentation for approval by principals.
  • Shopped for fresh, quality food for dinner preparation M-F for family.
  • Prepared, and served food, cocktails, and wine for special events, holidays.
  • Assisted with management of extensive wine inventory.


Clothing & Valet:

  • Creative at packing for short and lengthy trips
  • Understands fabric and seasonal wardrobe changes. 
  • Skilled at basic “short order” repairs
  • Experienced with basic laundry, resourceful with spot removal and dry-cleaning direction.
  • Organized and maintained Principals’ dressing room and extensive clothing shoe collection based on color, fabric and designer.
  • Enjoy and am comfortable with fashion style from traditional, modern to formal elegance.
  • Experienced in creating a desired “look” for the occasion.


  • Trained in formal dinner service
  • Assist the Principal in planning events ranging from large party with live entertainment, videographer, dinner service, educational-catered luncheons and small “intimate’ themed yacht parties.
  • Work with Principal in making event menu, floral and entertainment selections.
  • Maintain record of all entertainment details-guest lists, menu selections; vendors chosen, attire, program and all billing invoices
  • Assist all overnight guests with ground transportation and overnight accommodation while attending events
  • Provide support to chef with order and inventory management of all household wine
  • Act as master of ceremonies and serve at events upon request
  • Served cocktails and appetizers for poolside gatherings.


Grounds & Property:

  • Schedule and attend all meetings with Landscape Horticulturist and Principal to have consistent scope of all projects

Technical Skill Synopsis Continued:


  • Contributed to extensive written, structure and grounds hurricane protocol manual
  • Worked with liaison to create all physical structure maintenance task sheets
  • Review garden and maintenance diary to ensure standard compliance
  • Schedule and direct all outdoor service vendors as needed
  • Maintain date/time log for all vendors on property
  • Worked closely with Landscape Designer Maintenance Team on scheduled plantings and ongoing maintenance to achieve a manicured appearance of the estate.
  • Scheduled and supervised the logistics of a lengthy yard fire table seating area project
  • Worked with an international sculptor to communicate images and desires of Principal related to the purchase of sculptures for the estate.
  • Scheduled all interior and exterior maintenance for the main estate and 2nd home.
  • Requested bids for all ongoing maintenance and special projects for the Principal’s review.
  • Provided a “Daily Recap” of all maintenance and ongoing projects on the estate.



  • Responsible for cleanliness and scheduling of maintenance/service for all vehicles
  • Document all maintenance and expense of all vehicles on excel spreadsheet
  • Work with liaison to monitor all maintenance through creation and utilization of task sheets: HVAC, electrical, water filtration system, pool
  • Select, schedule appointments and manage service vendors for repairs on appliances, personal devices and all structural elements on estate
  • Seek multiple bids for maintenance/repairs on large scale projects
  • Communicate with Principals regarding maintenance repairs on personal use boats


Transportation & Travel:

  • Assist Principal with selection of new vehicles
  • Manage maintenance and cleanliness of all personal use vehicles
  • Negotiate; finalize purchase and appropriate funds necessary to complete purchases
  • Communicate with necessary personnel to schedule use of yacht and airplane
  • Arrange all travel specifics-dates of private jet use, departure/arrival times, ground transportation (rental or hired driver-car), hotel and restaurant reservations, maps, local attractions, pertinent contact information and medical advocate/family/friend notification 
  • Assisted EA with the management of daily drivers, an extensive collection of “Exotic” cars, motorcycles, a ski boat, and personal watercraft.


Safety and Protection:


  • Co-wrote hurricane emergency plan, clearly outlining all employees’ responsibilities
  • Created task sheets incorporating fence, gate, alarm checks into daily graces
  • Trained staff on alarm/emergency protocol
  • Monitor alarm system, functionality of gates and cameras
  • Designated as 1st to respond on security monitoring call list
  • Assign individual alarm entry codes to identify entry/exit in secured structures
  • Adhere to Principal’s requirement of maintaining a 2 gate barrier between security dogs and staff or vendors
  • All employment applicants undergo an extensive criminal and credit background check and drug screen
  • Require a signed Confidentiality Notice of all employees
  • Resource for the understanding of the protection that comes with implementation of   adherence to strict personal boundaries.
  • Maintain heightened awareness of security on or off the estate


  • Worked closely with security monitoring company to implement solutions to system failures and new technology as needed.


Personal Care:

Child Care:

  • Provided supervision in lieu of nanny or parents
  • Managed social calendars including school activities and events
  • Provided transportation to and from activities


Pet Care:

  • Managed care of 5 large breed guard dogs
  • Created care, feeding and medication schedules to be used by supporting staff members 
  • Performed regular validation of care by review of schedules and post vert visit records. 
  • Ordered/maintained inventory of care supplies.
  • Transported family dog to and from weekly grooming appointment.
  • Interacted with vet for care of dog as needed.


Guest Care:

  • Attended to personal needs
  • Provided for all required amenities and supplies prior to guest arrival
  • Provided transportation to and from airport and surrounding attractions
  • Created detailed itineraries
  • Prepared meals based on dietary restrictions and preference.
  • Ran errands for special needs & requests.


Elder Care:

  • Acted as shopping companion
  • Par inventory for all medications
  • Interacted with medical advocate team and health care providers

Technical Skill Synopsis: Continued


  • Scheduled all appointments with doctors, specialists, physical therapists, etc.
  • Assisted Principal’s Parents with packing of family home to assist with the move to new a property.


    Household Manager- Chicago suburb.

    Couple with unusually large home seeks a Starkey trained Household Manager to primarily managing multiple vendors with some daily graces. Small dog.  No cooking! Live in separate quarters. Excellent salary


    Large estate in the Sacramento, California region seeks private chef. 
    This position offers salary plus benefits. 
    Hours 11am – 9pm
    Tuesday through Saturday















    Requirements: culinary degree. 10 years’ experience as head chef.
    Take us around the world culturally with your food creations.

    Primary duties include:
    Food sourcing: year-round farmers markets. Local small farms. The estate’s own fruit and vegetable gardens. Plus the estate’s accounts with national food suppliers.
    Food Preparation: 
    Fully equipped private chef’s kitchen
    Weekly menu preparation
    2 principals with wide knowledge and appreciation for the worlds’ cuisine.
    Daily Lunch and dinner. Service performed by estate’s butler
    Entertaining average – 2x per week 4-10 guests
    Larger entertaining 1x month
    2 Principals have 2 other homes. Laguna Beach and NYC. Occasional travel necessary.
    Children Grown

    $130k-$150k based on 
    experience and ability
    Long term 5-10 years commitment
    Live out

    Contact Starkey International
    Mary Starkey
    Send resume please


    My top standards are

    Clothing & Valet

    My name is Stuart Lockridge. I was born and raised for the early part of my life in Madison, Indiana. I have two brothers. My older brother is a computer technician at the University of Wisconsin. My younger brother is the Assistant Food and Beverage manager at the Hotel DuPont in Willington DE. I am married to a wonderful woman. She is a photographer.  We have two grown children. My oldest in the night manager at the Target Distribution Facility in New York and my youngest is a recent graduate with honors at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  During my high school years, I worked in a Marriott. That’s where I knew I was born to be in service. I worked as a dishwasher until given the chance to work as a cook. I worked there and at a Bed and Breakfast until I joined the Navy.

    I joined the Navy to learn more about cooking. I learned very quickly what I wanted to do, and that was work for Admirals. I really enjoyed seeing how happy I could make people, just by the type of music played during a meal, to the type of flowers on the table, as well as the food itself. During my time in the Navy, I worked for 30 Admirals and numerous civilian leaders.

    Recently as a separated Navy veteran I attained the rank of Senior Chief.  I have years of experience leading and managing teams and working with Senior Military leadership as my superiors, I seek to continue use of these gifts.  I am an excellent motivator and leader of private service staff.  I am self-motivated and a hands-on hardworking professional.  I actively seek additional responsibilities and can quickly and efficiently resolve problems. I have over 25 years as an Enlisted Aide serving Admirals in their homes.  I was seen as a Senior Enlisted Leader with experience managing homes and facilities, on-going daily operations, logistics, setting up management systems, training, and developing team members. I’m eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and with excellent organizational skills.   I also have international experience in Europe with a clear understanding of U.S. and foreign nation Protocol and event planning. I am motivated to learn, grow and excel.

    I am looking for a principal who communicates well and allows me to use all my skills to help make their life easier.  My communication style is direct or texting works.  I am outgoing, yet humble as to my accomplishments.  I love working out and jogging.  I am seeking the right personality where I can make a difference in their life.


    My top four standards are Administrative, Maintenance, Property & Grounds and Security

        Personal Statement:
    My background is strong in family values and well-grounded in work and social behavioral patterns. My father, Robert Dietrich, was a builder of high quality custom homes and an astute businessman. My late mother, Eleanor Dietrich, was a secretary for the Connecticut State Police Department and a strong stabilizing factor in our home. My grandfathers, maternal and paternal, were hard-working factory laborers, while both of my grandmothers were housewives.   Throughout my life, I found great satisfaction and a rewarding comfort in helping others, which led me to becoming a volunteer fireman at the age of 20. Shortly after that, I realized without hesitation that my purpose was to go the extra mile for people. This was not only satisfying and rewarding for me, but it also brought joy into my life. That’s when I realized that I was, and always would be, a natural “Service Heart.”   Organization is a necessary and natural practice of mine. When I worked with my father building homes, I realized I had a natural sense of order and a definite eye for detail. My father recognized this talent also and soon had me supervising projects for him. Later, when I became an Estate Manager, my attention to detail and ability for absolute organization served me well in ensuring my clients’ safety and comforts, which in turn brought me joy and confirmed my “Service Heart.”   I recognize that I am a perfectionist, dedicated to the highest possible standards of professionalism and personal service. I am friendly not familiar, invisible yet available.   I am also an excellent communicator. I make sure there are no stones left unturned and I am not afraid to ask questions, to clarify my Principals’ exact needs and wishes. I believe my delegating skills are exceptional; I exude ease and comfort in my authority, making others appreciative of serving and comfortable in following directions. I’m also very hands-on when needed whether it is for a minute or a month.   I have been with my wife for 26 years and after 16 years, God blessed us with our amazing daughter. We made the decision to homeschool our daughter until she was 10 years old, in order to create a solid foundation for her future and meaningful experiences with our family. We made this decision after the passing of our 33-year-old employer, who had three amazing daughters of his own. He was the most kind-hearted and amazing employer, father and individual I ever had the honor of serving. After seeing first-hand just how short our time with each other can be, we made this life-altering change. We believe that this was one of the best decisions we have ever made as a couple, despite the many sacrifices it involved. Our daughter is now 10 years old, and I am ready to embark on my next, and hopefully final, long-term estate management position.  

    My top four standards are Administrative, Maintenance, Property & Grounds and Security.


    I am experienced in maintaining relationships with existing staffs as well as hiring and training new staff members that will deliver exactly what Principals expect and desire. I pay attention to minute details and I’m a personable leader with excellent negotiating and problem solving techniques. I also excel at establishing priorities and handling multiple tasks. Developing a professional working environment with vendors is something I enjoy, which also ensures that the service vision set forth by my Principals is delivered. In addition, I have managed family, staff and vendor schedules, as well as budgets for the entire household and special projects. I am also accustomed to working with Family Offices.


    My expertise includes vendor/construction supervision for various projects, including roofing, plumbing, electric, refrigeration, HVAC, appliance repair, painting, pest control, landscaping, garden service and pool maintenance. I’m also experienced at overseeing new construction projects of any scale, from garden sheds to a new 32,000-square-foot estate. In addition, I’m an expert in contractor selection and relations, vendor selection, negotiations and contracts, garage and storage facilities, vehicle maintenance and boat/Jet Ski maintenance. Part of my role as an Estate Manager has been in creating preventative maintenance schedules for both the interior and exterior of a property.

    Property and Grounds:

    I have managed the day-to-day procedures of homes ranging from 10,000 square feet to 32,000 square feet with extensive grounds and landscape features, ensuring an efficient and smooth flow in operations. I supervise all vendors and service personnel, while also being directly accountable to owners for overall management of properties, staff and service. I’ve always been passionate about creating, maintaining and improving exquisite grounds based on my Principals’ desires, as I believe the outside of the home is as important as the inside. I am very hands-on in all aspects of working with grounds.


    Keeping the confidentiality and privacy of my Principals is always at the forefront of my mind when it comes to security concerns. My security experience includes the installation of multiple camera systems, as well as the scheduling and coordination of close protection bodyguards, at home and abroad. I am also an expert with motion systems and infrared camera systems. 

    Technical Skills Synopsis


    • Trained in Starkey Service Management Model
    • Extensive experience in operations and responsibility of personal property interests
    • Experienced in staff development, interviews, hiring and training
    • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
    • Proficient at maintaining multiple budgets for households and properties
    • Good at maintaining household calendars for Principals, staff and vendors
    • Detail-oriented, energetic and personable leader with excellent negotiating and problem solving techniques
    • Ability to establish priorities and handle multiple tasks
    • Experienced in vendor/contractor supervision; maintains all household and property records
    • Oversaw multiple construction projects, ranging from a new 10,000-square-foot retirement condominium to a 32,000-square-foot residence in Dubai
    • Comfortable with managing multiple homes.


    • Sincere passion to meet and exceed employer needs with the highest cleaning standards within the home
    • Trained in proper cleaning procedures of antique furniture, art work and rug maintenance
    • Capable of performing hands-on cleaning and housekeeping duties
    • Experienced leading household staff of 16
    • Skilled at developing daily, weekly and monthly task sheets for the housekeeper to ensure all tasks are accomplished in an efficient and timely manner
    • Leader and team player with exceptional organizational, communication and training techniques
    • Experienced developer of inventory system of all household items for insurance and other purposes


    • Experienced with coordinating and scheduling tasks with Chef and/or caterers
    • Capable of creating daily/weekly menus according to preferences
    • Able to create flavor profiles for Principals and their family/friends

    Clothing Care:

    • Knowledgeable in fabric care and the proper techniques for clothing care
    • Knowledge of proper ironing and steaming techniques
    • Experienced with purchasing clothes for Principals and have assisted Principals in the purchase of formal wear or clothing for special occasions
    • Detailed, labeled and organized closets, along with creating a complete clothing inventory for tracking products
    • Inventoried and photographed Principal’s jewelry, shoes, handbags and other accessories


    • Expert at the planning, coordinating and execution of special events, including in-house corporate events and other social functions
    • Capable of coordinating any social event with the highest level of excellence
    • Assisted as necessary with special events of 120+ guests
    • Experienced in hosting formal gathering for foreign dignitaries
    • Capable of leading and coordinating teams with highly organized efficiency

    Property & Grounds:

    • Nearly 20 years of experience managing day-to-day procedures of multiple grounds, ensuring efficient and smooth flow of operations
    • Skilled at maintaining valuable relationships with all vendors and service personnel
    • Knowledgeable of elaborate pool systems, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, waterfalls, massage rooms, tennis courts, boat houses, garages, etc.
    • Experienced with scheduling, negotiating and supervising various landscapers, gardeners, pool technicians and other vendors
    • Directly accountable to owners for overall management of properties, staff and service
    • Maintain all household and property records
    • Daily observation and surveillance of properties


    • Skilled at supervising renovations and repair for roofing, plumbing and electric, refrigeration and HVAC, appliance repair, painting and pest control, landscape and garden services, pool maintenance and more
    • Capable of personally troubleshooting basic maintenance issues, including plumbing, electrical, irrigation and other problems within or outside a home

    • Skilled with updating proper function of media within the home, including sound systems, security systems, TVs and more
    • Experienced with hands-on garage and storage maintenance, vehicle maintenance and  boat/Jet Ski maintenance
    • Experienced with scheduling preventative maintenance inside and out of property

    Transportation and Travel:

    • Extensive experience with domestic and international travel
    • Clean driving record
    • Experienced as a personal chauffer
    • Extensive yacht experience, with the ability to navigate any vessel up to 100 tons
    • U.S Coast Guard licensed Captain
    • Ability to organize complicated, multi-country travel itineraries, including air, land and sea transport

    Safety and Protection:

    • Oversee the installation and maintenance of elaborate security systems, including alarms and infrared cameras
    • Concealed weapon permit
    • Understand privacy and confidentiality of Principals
    • Perform daily and nightly walks around property and grounds to identify any anomalies

    Personal Care:

    • Dedicated to the highest standards in professionalism and personal service
    • Guest care: Skilled with accommodating up to 15 house guests at a time in private homes, meeting every need during their stays
    • Pet care: Comfortable exercising, feeding and nurturing cats and dogs. Experience dealing with many different animals, including horses, zebras, giraffes and orangutans
    • Child care: Experienced in chauffeuring Principals’ children, sourcing tutors to meet their educational needs and taking them to various appointments


    Household Manager-Denver

    Mature couple with 12,000 sq ft home seek the support of a Starkey Certified Household Manager. Top standard abilities are maintenance, and housekeeping.  High standards keep this home in top order.  Live out!  Salary DOE


    Household Manager/cook-

    Household Manager/cook-

    Mature couple seek Starkey graduate to manage two homes, travel to both, management position, vendors and more!  Simple cooking… home cooked, not fancy. Housing provided at both homes. Wonderful family. Excellent salary plus benefits.


    Household Manager/Chef
    New Jersey-Naples

    Household Manager/Chef-
    New Jersey-Naples

    Couple with grown children seek the expertise of a Starkey Graduate to manage 2 small homes for these snow birds. Also cook and they love to entertain a couple of times per week!  Travel to both homes. Excellent position, lovely principals who know what they want! Salaried, housing in NJ provided.


    Busy couple with multiple Homes-Ranch-Farm  seek  the support of a highly competent Spanish speaking Starkey Graduate to help manage, set up daily operations, and people management. Wonderful family, excellent pay plus benefits. Primary home Houston. Live out! 

    Ms. Leroy

    Hello Xavier

    What a year this has been! While we entertained some, after your visit, it was not nearly as much as we would have liked!
    The entertaining we were able to do went fabulously well. Our staff are excited to be part of the evening festivities. Thanks to you both, they have more confidence, a better understanding of good service, and are willing to work at perfecting it. The staff do not want outsiders working at the house and, instead, have chosen to spilt the working evenings between themselves!

    I have not taken the opportunity to write a note expressing my gratitude for what you added to our home- let me share some of my thoughts.
    I appreciate the care, enthusiasm, and esteem given to our staff to help them understand their value. You and Mary were able to impart this to them better than anyone would imagine and the changes in the running of the house have been lovely. They are following your guidelines, working on the household binder, chef is cleaning his own kitchen, and Daniel is calming down enough to focus(most days!). When issues arise they attempt to solve for themselves, only bringing the most difficult issues to me. Each person, I believe is happier now than before, and thinking through their day rather than just mindlessly attending to their tasks.

    I had the impression Mary, and perhaps you too, Xavier, are feeling the service field has changed dramatically, not needing your expertise to train, coach and guide any longer. I feel strongly that we, as a people, nation, and world, need your expertise today more than before. Please, Please do not stop training! Train trainers. Train principals. Train government. Train, those with a service heart, is the art of service and how gracious living is perpetuated.

    May the New Year bring you moments of joy, laughter, and most especially time with loved ones. (and ones to train!!)

    All my best,



    My Top Standards


     I was born in Odessa, Ukraine which is on the Black sea coast. My father was a train and locomotive engineer/ driver, and my mother was a consumer goods expert. They both obtained technical degrees in technical colleges in my hometown. I enjoyed living in Odessa, Ukraine as it is a beautiful city with nice beaches and beautiful European architecture as initially it was built by Italians, French and Greeks. As it was and remains the large port on South of Ukraine it always draws merchants, student and foreign tourist. They still call it South Palmira. I attended very good schools and had been introduced to the English languish since I was a young girl which later on helped me to obtain my degree in language and literature.


    Since I was a teenager, I started to dream about traveling and had no idea how I could do that. My parents were not rich and worked hard to make sure that me and my brother got a good education and became good people. After I finished my studies, I did not have any money, or a job and I decided to work temporarily in the restaurant to practice my personal skills and had no idea that it will lead me to my long-life career in hospitality and Private Service.


    My parents were always working so I needed to grow up and at times to take care of my brother as he is 10 years younger than me. That was my beginning of service and taking care of others. Implementing simple tasks around the house simple cooking, laundry, cleaning on weekly basis.


    When I turned 22 I got my first job and then in 2 years, I was working in Europe on a cruise ship and two years after I was working off the coast of Texas, in the US in another cruise ship.


    I have been working on the ships since 2008 and then I gradually transitioned to working in the private home and have remained working in the private service industry till today.


    I have lived primarily in South Florida since I have moved to the US 20 years ago. It happened unintendedly as South Florida reminds me a much of my homeland. I always have the opportunity to go to the seaside and meditate at times. Being by the ocean side gives me energy and I always go back. I have been told for that matter that I will fit great on the East coast of the US. I intuitively know that I have a genuine service heart; I am a giver, and a people person.


    Working for a long time in Private Service has taught me, and advanced my confidence and ability to perform different tasks and think fast to make it happen.



    Is one of my strengths due to my experience with computers and software programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft Outlook I currently use at work; I use the calendar aspect as much as the email portion of the program. I have over ten years of supervisory and management experience with teams of 10-15 or more members and have managed 15 or more vendors (pool maintenance, security systems, HVAC, wine cellars, etc.). I have the responsibility of creating and maintaining a budget, negotiated service contracts, gathering estimates and bids on projects, and ensuring they are carried out to satisfactory completion.





     I am directly responsible for oversight of the Housekeeping staff in my most recent position in private service. I have established / maintained cleaning zones and task sheets and personally ensure quality control for the cleaning of the entire 11,000 square foot property. I would not be capable of expecting that my staff maintain such high levels of performance if I didn’t hold myself to that same standard. I pride myself in my own housekeeping abilities and realize that I thrive in an exceptionally clean and organized environment. In addition, I have become very familiar with the luxury market and provide the best possible experience for our affluent clientele.  I am hands on and teach other personnel showing how and what needs to be done. I have a strong eye on details







    Over the many years and recently going through Starkey’s extensive Certified Household Management course, I have mastered different silver service styles, I have honed my passion for making an event better and more exciting that anyone could imagine. I very much look forward to coordinating weddings, rehearsal dinners, anniversary and birthday parties, corporate and fund raising events. I am accurately described by others as a systems woman with an eye for details, appreciation of value-added ideas and a burning desire to exceed all expectations. 


    Technical Skills Synopsis:



    ·         Familiar with the use of PC and Mac operating systems, specific software

    ·         Experience managing staff in the private home and at previous jobs in hospitality industry

    ·         Experience with vendors and contractors, architects for renovation projects, chooses vendors according to the tasks given by the principal

    ·         Supervised multiple renovation projects and worked closely with general contractor for quotes and execution of the projects according to the principal needs

    ·         Chose various products for interior design projects for the principal

    ·         Researched and purchased interior design items on the request of the principal

    ·         Made orders for the furniture and appliances, lights, etc.

    ·         Manages schedules, calendars, and household budgets

    ·         Trained in the patented Starkey Service Management model

    ·         Monthly bank account report

    ·         Performs certain monthly payments or different accounts


    ·         Capable of zoning a home for cleaning and creating task sheets

    ·         Cares for high-end antiques, artwork, and other collectible and valuable household items

    ·         Knowledgeable of specific cleaning and laundry products and their appropriate use

    ·         Purchasing and restocking proper cleaning products

    ·         Researching the products that are safe for pets and children



    ·         Comfortable creating simple meals with everyday pantry items

    ·         Familiar with cooking certain ethnic cuisines

    ·         Capable of pairing food and wine

    ·         Full grocery shopping


    Clothing & Valet:

    ·         Launders and irons clothing

    ·         Specialty fabric, shoe, and leather care

    ·         Capable of sewing buttons and performing minor clothing repairs

    ·         Rotates clothing for seasonal storage

    ·         Organizes closets and packs and unpacks for business and leisure travel

    ·         Has a great personal interest in clothing and fashion

    ·         Have a good knowledge of high-end brands of clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes



    ·         Trained in the Ballet of Service Style

    ·         Event planning and organization

    ·         Trained in American plated, French, Russian, and English styles of service

    ·         Table Settings

    ·         Cares for fine crystal, china, and silver

    ·         Able to coordinate and execute formal and informal entertaining events

    ·         Create a desired ambiance in the home, based on a Principal’s standards

    ·         Knowledgeable floral arranging

    ·         Familiar with wines and spirits, purchasing any wines and spirits that requested by the principal

    ·         Cigar shopping and humidor care


    Property & Grounds:

    Safety and Protection:

    ·         Walks property daily



    ·         Basic maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and security/smart home systems

    ·         Repair and maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and security/smart home systems

    ·         List advanced knowledge of specific systems: Christon

    ·         Any kind of home maintenance from professional upholstery cleaning to professional stone cleaning

    ·         Close work with plumbers, electricals, installers, general contractors, audio and video specialists, drapery installers, painters, A/C specialists, etc.

    Travel & Transportation:

    ·         Experience serving on luxury yachts.

    ·         Capable of doing chauffeuring

    ·         Coordinates travel, international and domestic, including flights, hotels, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, etc.

    ·         Trained in Aircraft procedures and safety, inflight service of VIP. Corporate Aviation.  Cabin in service, food procurement, handling, prep0aration, galley safety, bed making, and caring for the cabin in flight.  Medical Certification in CP r, evacuation, live fire, ditching, hypoxia drill

    ·         Well-travelled and interested in traveling with the principal if needed

    ·         Performs basic vehicle and golf cars maintenance (oil changes, tire rotation, maintaining fluid levels, etc.)

    ·         Able to purchase a vehicle, golf cars according to the principal’s instructions

    ·         Coordinate’s vehicle maintenance schedule, insurance, registration, and licensure

    Pet Care:

    ·         Knowledge and experience of regular health maintenance of small dogs and cats.

    ·         Supervised or unsupervised animal medical care (administering medications) for principals’ pets: small dogs, cats.

    ·         Booking of flights and all necessary paperwork for pet’s travel with or without principals.

    ·         Familiar with working with commercial pet carriers

    ·         Comfortable working around pets

    ·         Took care of principal’s pets on multiple occasions

    ·         Close work with veterinarian on multiple occasions

    Guest Care:

    ·         Experience working in a home with frequent high level house guests

    ·         Level of concierge service offered: whatever guest requested- information was found and provides

    ·         Guest management (profiles, likes/dislikes, services and tourism offered, etc.)

    Child Care:

    ·         Experience caring for children, 2–5-year-old, baby-sitting, food preparation, giving a bath, putting to bed, outdoor walks without additional supervision.

    ·         Natural affinity and life experience with children






    Household Manager

    Top Standards
    Property & Grounds






    I spent my formative childhood years in Greenwich, CT, raised in the home of my grandparents. My paternal grandfather, John Cameron Swayze, had a successful career as a radio and TV personality during the 1950s and 1960s, and he instilled in me the values of honesty, respect, personal integrity and being a man of my word. Looking back at my childhood, I was greatly influenced by my grandparents’ caretaker, a man named John. He was patient, kind and always at peace. I learned from him what a true Service Heart is.

    My maternal grandfather was born in Calabria, Italy in 1910 and immigrated to America when Mussolini came to power. A Catholic without a formal education, he built a landscaping business on the principles of being a man of his word. He taught me the value of hard work and taking opportunity when it knocks. Growing up, I gained the “caretaker attitude” while working for my family’s landscaping business.

    I attended high school at Kimball Union Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire, after several years of boarding school at The Harvey School in Katonah, New York, where the close proximity to New York City introduced me to film, art and various cuisines. Upon graduation, I moved to California and stayed for more than 15 years. I continued my professional development by fighting fires and completing several courses in botany and herbal studies. In 2007, I married my wife, Catherine, a professional pastry chef, and continued to expand my culinary palate. We enjoy staying at our home in Paris.

    Periodic encounters with Private Service have helped me realize that this is the right career for me. The industry combines all of my greatest talents: helping people, managing projects and leading teams. My experience includes six years of seasonal care for up to 12 vacation homes in Nantucket, Massachusetts. I also worked as a Household Manager with a staff of seven for one year in Media, PA. I am the proverbial handyman, relying on my years of construction and trade experience to ensure the perfect operation of homes. With more than 15 years of experience in the film industry, including owning a film production company, I handled all administrative tasks: marketing, sourcing and selecting vendors, contract negotiations, project management and union requirements.

    I am very proud of my accomplishments in business, which have reflected my core values of integrity, hard work and professionalism. My diverse background gives me the ability to be knowledgeable in a variety of areas. My experience and study gives me a deeper understanding of the operation and function of fine homes. I am proud to have a traditional Service style, while embracing a modern-day approach. I believe in loyalty and honesty and that hard work is good for the soul. Having been given so much, I feel the need to give of my Service Heart to the right family. I prefer long-term employment and would be happy to work with the right employer until I retire.

    My top Service Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, Property & Grounds and Maintenance.


    • Responsible for relaying messages, emails, faxes and mail correspondences
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel and Outlook)
    • Capable of creating and maintaining Principal’s personal and household calendars
    • Capable of using the Starkey System to identify, define and organize household service expectations and customize a service profile to a Principal’s standards
    • Experienced managing all logistics associated with a household
    • Interfaces with family office to ensure clear and precise communication
    • Develops a staff manual outlining the rules and regulations of a household
    • Proficient in interfacing, supervising and negotiating with vendors and contractors
    • Experienced with cataloging, organizing and maintaining warranties, maintenance records, collectible inventories, purchased items, insurance records, medical histories and required medicines


    • Capable of creating and customizing zone cleaning schedules replete with task sheets and weekly and yearly schedules according to the Starkey system
    • Capable of overseeing and training housekeeping staff to a higher standard of “White Glove Proficiency”
    • Proficient with hands-on housekeeping duties
    • Capable of laundry tasks: ironing sheets and shirts and steaming delicate fabrics
    • Using natural pH-balanced products with neutral scents unless instructed otherwise
    • Proficient with cleaning to a showroom level of neatness

    Property & Grounds:

    • Experience growing up in a landscaping family and working on large estates
    • Certified in botany and medicinal use of herbs
    • Adept at overseeing grounds care and gardening and property maintenance
    • Capable of hands-on landscape care and bidding and managing vendors as necessary
    • Opens and closes pools, Jacuzzis, tennis courts and boat docks
    • Keeps inventory of all outdoor equipment and furniture
    • Maintains and clears driveways and walkways from snow and leaves


    • Conducts daily walkthrough and inspection of property, grounds and facilities
    • Maintains and monitors existing smart home technologies
    • Schedules preventive maintenance and service repairs with vendors
    • Coordinates and oversees construction projects with contractors
    • Creates service maintenance schedules for all appliances and installations
    • Determines when issues require a professional
    • Maintains garage, sheds, boat docks and generators
    • 20 years of experience with construction projects, including sourcing contractors, approving blueprints and overseeing all phases of construction for quality control

    Restoring the Art Retreat Rescheduled…and More Starkey News

    Life at Starkey has been busy and fulfilling as always. Right now we are hosting experienced military Enlisted Aides and working civilians for our four-week Household Management certification program. Just when I thought I’d never have a formal dinner again, they are currently knee-deep in menu planning, centerpiece design and preparing for the flawless execution of a nine-course formal dinner this Friday. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be hosting guests at my table again, with this group made up of members of our military and local police. Plus, local stars and Starkey Graduates Joseph and Karen Bates are joining in on the fun to help. 

    In addition to our four-week Household Management course here at the Mansion, Starkey has been busy teaching correspondence courses online for working Household and Estate Managers. Starkey continues to place our Graduates with many new clients during these Covid-19 times. We just placed the highest salaried position in Starkey history at $192,000, along with two other placements this month, and more clients continue to come our way.  

    You may have heard that our Mansion is also now an Airbnb, following major upgrades throughout the home, including a new gym and billiards room. Not to mention Xavier’s pride and joy, an authentic brick pizza oven in the garden he built with 1,000 bricks! This summer, we have hosted numerous weddings, rehearsals and parties, until the homeless encampment appeared all around our block. Xavier and I retreat to our garden to calm our nerves; he smokes his cigars and I admire our beautiful roses and flowers while we enjoy delicious homemade pizza. 

    We have decided to postpone our Restoring the Art Retreat this October. Between travel challenges, the upcoming election and all-around bad timing, we are going to hold off on the retreat until the spring. The Mansion will be eager to lovingly care for our Graduates then! 

    Back by popular request, we are preparing for two (or more) four-week Household Management certification classes next year in 2021 here in Denver: likely one in April and one in September. Courses will include The Starkey Service Management System (and the 11 management tools), The Art of Fine Housekeeping, The Art of Entertaining (with a formal dinner) and The Relationship of Service. Keep an eye on our website for details and call us to register

    Hope everyone is staying busy and well during a challenging year!



    Household Manager

    Top Standards








    The Hensley Settlement still exists today as a tourist stop in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, where my family members first settled in 1903. I was born about 35 miles away in Harlan, Kentucky in 1964. My father was a mining engineer who ran a construction company along with his brother. My mother was a homemaker and entertainer, throwing casual barbecues and holiday parties for friends and family. Although money was occasionally tight, my parents instilled in me values of hard work, honesty and integrity that I carry with me in the way I serve.

    My mother later employed a housekeeper and nanny to help around the house and with my two siblings and me. When I was 7 years old, I remember playing with matches and I set a bowl on fire. The nanny ran into the room screaming, and after she stomped the fire out, she sternly told me, “You promise me not to do it again and I won’t say a word.” She was part of the family, and I have fond memories of her. I never did it again!

    At the height of my father’s business, he employed more than 1,000 people and was very successful. For one Christmas, the entire family—18 people—took an expensive trip to Disney World. Not too long after that vacation, my father’s company collapsed and shrunk down to five employees. My father signed over his car to me so that the IRS wouldn’t take it, and I remember counting pennies from a jar for Christmas. Even though times were tough, I never felt sad, but woke up every day with a smile on my face. It’s something I still practice.

    I was 26 when I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in Florida. The cooks—in charge of feeding between 800 and 1,200 people, were all miserable and disorganized. I came in and wrote down jobs and timelines for all the cooks in the kitchen on a whiteboard, which everyone obeyed as if it were an order. It was the first time I realized my knack for creating process and order that improved the cooks’ jobs as well as the quality of the food.

    During my 12 years with the Coast Guard, I held multiple roles, including inventory management of the cleaning supplies and food, for 110 people aboard the USS Lager during its eight-week tours. I also managed an inn in Kentucky, where I increased annual revenue from $250,000 to $625,000 over the course of three years.

    With my military and hospitality backgrounds, I have had the privilege of working in multiple homes as a Household Manager for the past few years. I always bring a positive and humble attitude to the people I am serving. I listen well to my supervisors and those who report to me, and I create order and processes to get work done in the most efficient way possible. I have a Southern gracious work style, always with a sense of family. I also take notes and make lists as to not forget a single request. Thank you for the opportunity.

    My top three Service Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping and Culinary.


    • Skilled with identifying and completing yearly projects
    • Skilled with HR responsibilities, including hiring, training, managing and terminating staff
    • Capable of organizing files for receipts and maintenance records
    • Maintains household calendars and schedules for Principals and staff
    • Develops and implements household rules and regulations
    • Oversees small remodeling projects
    • Specializes in inventory and logistics
    • Makes lists for all household tasks and accomplishes tasks in a timely manner


    • Trains staff in proper housekeeping methods, including cleaning silver, crystal, chandeliers and china
    • Experienced with hands-on housekeeping responsibilities, including proper bed-making techniques, bathroom cleaning, mopping floors and more
    • Skilled with creating zones and task sheets for proper and timely cleaning of a home
    • Experienced with proper care of valuable artwork and high-end antiques
    • Organizes staff and personal tasks
    • Evaluates the skill level of the housekeeper
    • Knowledgeable of cleaning products and their uses on various materials
    • Performs daily graces in a home


    • Supervises methods of cooking and plans menus for the principal, taking into account their allergies and ages
    • Knowledgeable of shopping for organic products and healthy foods
    • Capable of storing food properly and rotating inventory
    • Creates daily menus and special event menus
    • Performs staff training regarding food safety and hygiene
    • Proficient with proper food presentation


    Household Manager

    Top Standards:
    Clothing & Valet

    Prefers East Coast Florida

    Speaks English, French and Spanish

    I was born on the island of Jamaica, the fourth of five children. My mom was a warden at a women’s penitentiary and my father was a soldier in the Jamaica Defense Force. My grandmother, Sister Myrtle, and my great-grandmother, Miss Alice, raised me until I was 12. This was a common practice in Jamaican culture, as it eases the burden on young families.

    I first realized my Service Heart around the age of six, living with my elders. As far as I can remember, I would help Sister Myrtle walk, as she had trouble with her legs (perhaps from osteoarthritis, an injury, or nerve damage). I spent my early years with many seniors who depended on me to help with strenuous tasks. Sister Myrtle and I were bosom buddies, virtually inseparable. I later discovered that Sister Myrtle was a cook to a private family. Her family valued her so much that when she retired, her name was written into their will, and she continued to receive checks from the family her entire life.

    When I was 12 years old, I returned to live with my dad. My mother had previously moved to New York to work and pave a way for us to join her. On the weekends, my sister and I helped our live-in maid with housekeeping chores. Two years later, when we moved to New York, I assumed more responsibilities in our home, including cooking and cleaning for our family of seven, as both our parents worked.

    After college, I landed a job as a Sales Analyst with Winthrop Pharmaceuticals, the company now known as Sanofi. I stayed with the company for 12 years, before deciding to leave the corporate world to raise my children.

    I worked with my children and some of their friends in various areas of academia, at times assisting as many as seven students with their studies. I enjoyed helping them with SAT/ACT test prep, AP coursework, college applications, college visits, financial aid forms, college scholarship applications, summer jobs, internship applications and much more.

    After my children left the home, I decided to re-enter the work force by pursuing a career in Private Service. My first career was administrative, the second, personal care. This third career, in Private Service, is a natural combination of the two. My Top Four Service Standards are Personal Care, (children, elderly, pets, guests), Administration, Clothing and Valet, and Housekeeping.

    In my most recent assignment, I was Family Attendant to a family of seven: parents, three children, (including a pair of twins), a dog and a cat. I performed duties in Personal Care, Housekeeping and Clothing and Valet in a 35,000-square-foot nascent home. The kids, the dog and I were the ultimate troopers, often being a bit too rambunctious for the cat! We indulged in Minecraft, online games, slime, riddles, crossword puzzles, board games, homework, projects, capture-the-flag, hide-and-go-seek, property walks, amusement parks, tennis, basketball, table hockey, pinball, football, rollerblading, swimming, playing on trampolines, dancing, TV watching, running, sledding—you name it, we did it—all in the pursuit of fun, happiness, and peals of laughter.

    From caring for the elderly, to working with high school students, to being a Family Attendant, my goal has been to support individuals or families in their desired lifestyle, to be their best selves, and to enjoy a certain “joie de vivre.” It has been an immensely satisfying journey.

    In summary, I am passionate about learning, growing and adding to my skill set. I look forward to combining my Service Heart and my drive for excellence to support and improve the quality of life of an individual or a family. My only regret is not having embarked sooner on a career path in private care. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

    My top four Service Standards are: Personal Care, Administrative, Clothing & Valet, and Housekeeping.

    Technical Skill Synopsis:


    • Uses the patented Starkey Household Management System to structure the environment
    • Possess excellent articulation in verbal, written and public speaking skills
    • Researches, draft, edit, proof-read, and publish emails and documents
    • Manages contacts, mailing lists, invitation lists, correspondence, personal files
    • Comfortable hiring, training, and managing a staff
    • Develops Employee Handbook to contain personnel policies
    • Experienced in conflict resolution, time management and team-building skills
    • Manages household budget including credit card reconciliations and balancing bank accounts
    • Experienced developing and maintaining a budget for 20 people and $2 million dollars: petty cash, deposits, withdrawals, money transfers
    • Detail-oriented and precise in business transactions and can negotiate fair prices
    • Knowledge of payroll procedures, health insurance, disability insurance, catastrophic insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, vision benefits, 401(k) plans, IRA plans, Social Security benefits, payroll taxes etc.
    • Able to digitize paper files and video recordings
    • Proficient with business machines: computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, label makers, postage meters, scales
    • High level of computer skills, Adobe, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Calendar programs: MS Outlook, Google. Internet Applications, iPad.  iPhone, Android, Windows: Smartphones and Apps, Mac Notebooks, PCs, Laptops
    • Can handle phone conferences, video conferences and running errands
    • Maintenance of manuals, records, specifications, how-to care, inventories, and warranties



    • Implements customized zoning and task sheets for a home
    • Works alongside housekeeper to train or support, as needed
    • Familiar with proper tools and procedures for cleaning a home
    • Able to create Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal task sheets for detailed cleaning
    • Understand smells and Special Care cleaning products for: glass, chrome, silver, brass, copper, gold
    • Skilled in bed-making and turndown
    • Knowledge of Antique and fine rug care
    • Driven to ensure meticulous housekeeping standards
    • Maintains inventory of household cleaning supplies and tools


    • Uses the Starkey Culinary Management System to identify flavor profiles and preferences
    • Plans menu using Principal’s favorites, internet research, magazines, etc.
    • Skilled at making excellent country breakfasts, light lunches, and simple dinners
    • I can follow most recipes
    • Ensures adequate stock of pantry items and comfort foods
    • Obtains specialized products being mindful of sanitation and storage
    • Creates food presentation using knowledge, internet research, magazines, etc.
    • Works with a Personal Chef to develop menus and inventories
    • Supports Chef with grocery shopping and preparation of items, as needed

    Clothing & Valet:

    • Determine Principal’s clothing style to support Personal Shopping needs
    • Manages dry cleaning including logging items in and out, and repairs needed
    • Acts as personal shopper and online ordering management
    • Highly skilled at clothing care, shoe care, purse care and closet organization
    • Careful handling specialty fabric, shoes, leathers, and accessories
    • Familiar with sports clothing, equestrian wear, outdoor gear
    • Knowledge of furs in wear, treatment, and storage
    • Can launder, steam and iron clothing and linens
    • Skilled at sewing buttons, closing seams, and performing minor clothing repairs
    • Can rotate clothing for seasonal storage
    • Can pack and unpack for business and leisure travel
    • Has a personal interest in clothing and fashion


    • Uses Starkey’s Ballet of Service to plan events ranging from casual to formal
    • Determine Principal’s Entertainment style and style of events
    • Comfortable managing and executing entertainment events within the home
    • Manages caterers, vendors, and household staff in preparation of, and during, events
    • Develops guest list and high-profile involvements
    • Develops ambiance, floral arrangements, and themes
    • Familiar with table linens, china, silverware, and crystal and care thereof
    • Can ensure Stocking and maintenance of the wine cellar
    • Basic knowledge of Wine, wine paring, mixing and serving of beverages and alcohol
    • Creates amenity and gift-wrapping center and system
    • Ensures safety of all guests during event and after; notices impaired driving and finds alternate solutions


    Grounds & Property:

    • Creates zoning and task sheets using the Starkey system
    • Determines principals’ preferences
    • Hires and supervises vendors in the care of property & grounds
    • Walks property to identify any areas of concern and addresses them with Principal or vendors



    • Identifies unique maintenance needs based on age of residence and physical location/climate
    • Comfortable working with engineers, inspectors, contractors, and attorneys regarding special projects and needs
    • Acts as point of contact for all internal and external vendors
    • Provides oversight of projects and punch lists for new construction, renovations, installations, deliveries, removals
    • Very good at keeping products in compliance with warranties, procedures, and statutes
    • Comfortable researching, hiring, and supervising vendors for routine maintenance and special needs
    • Develops relationships with vendors

    Transportation & Travel:

    • Intermediate French, Language Skills, Conversational Spanish Language Skills
    • Have traveled worldwide: can pick up and go without delay
    • Careful, competent, and confident driving ability with NY State Driver’s License
    • Very good at planning, operations, and logistics
    • Has a personal interest in luxury transportation vehicles
    • Maintains vehicle licensing, registration, inspections, and insurance
    • Develops auto maintenance and detailing schedules
    • Arranges for travel, ground transportation preferences, and lodging
    • Arranges for chauffeur for Principal and other members of entourage
    • Maintains records of all vehicles including make, model, and service history
    • Maintains records of recreational and sports vehicles
    • Supports transportation via boats and yachts
    • Familiar with scheduling and arranging for travel via private plane

     Safety and Protection:

    • Fiercely loyal and protective of employer’s environment: a problem solver
    • Able to quickly assess environment and initiate security measures
    • Determines any variables that may pose safety concerns
    • Obtains and supervises vendor to take care of Security and Protection: body guards, dogs, audio/visual systems, safe rooms, weapons, and drivers,
    • Develops relationships with local Police and Fire Departments to periodically conduct safety and security inspections
    • Checks all smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers for proper function
    • Walks home daily to identify any safety concerns
    • Ensures safe environment for Principals, staff, and guests at all times


    Personal Care:

    Child Care:

    • Supports family values and discipline, as appropriate
    • Assess environment to ensure safety of all children
    • Supports wake-up and bedtime routines for all ages
    • Assists with bathing and grooming for daily activities and special events
    • Identifies favorites and preferences for children
    • Keeps calendar of daily schedules, school activities and social activities
    • Maintains child-specific inventory of toiletries and school supplies
    • Provides educational support in Math, English, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, French, Biology, Chemistry, History, and Standardized Test Preparation
    • Provides coaching, mentoring, supervision, and guidance in academics, career choices, and extra-curricular activities
    • Assists with Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and college visits
    • Provides daily transportation for children in addition to sports, art, music lessons and competitions
    • Chaperones play-dates, sleep-overs, and school trips

    Pet Care:

    • Supports family’s pet care style and discipline
    • Supports pet-care schedules, daily activities, and special security measures, like invisible fence
    • Interacts with pets to feed, walk, play with, and provide daily care
    • Manages appointments with vet, trainer, groomer, and other pet-specific vendors
    • Provides special toys/resting area, special clothing, accommodates special dietary needs


    Guest Care:

    • Will employ Starkey Guest Management System
    • Coordinates visits from other family members, friends, and business associates
    • Identifies preferences and favorites and ensures all needs are met
    • Inquires about daily schedules and suggests interesting activities or events
    • Ensures all food requests are prepared for and supported including special diets and flavor profiles
    • Provides concierge support for reservations and special requests
    • Provides administrative support for equipment/technology and guest room amenities
    • Provides Pick-up and Drop-off services at airport, train terminal, etc.
    • Prepares guest rooms for arrival with special attention given to requests and amenities

    Elder Care:

    • New Jersey Board Certified as Home Health Aide
    • Mindful of life values, ethnic, religious, and cultural beliefs
    • Assists with wake-up and bedtime routines, daily schedules, and activities
    • Supports daily grooming, bathing, and dressing needs
    • Identifies flavor profiles, favorites, and preferences
    • Supports those with limited mobility including ADA access, Wheelchairs, Scooter, and Special Bathroom Supports
    • Manages calendars for social functions, medical appointments, and entertainment engagements
    • Provides transportation to appointments for medical, dental, vision, hair, aestheticians, therapists, pharmacists
    • Manages medical records and safety measures such as life alert bracelets and medical ID’s

    Accompanies elders on trips to visit with friends or relatives

    Principal 2035

    Estate Management/Syracuse NY
    Busy couple seeks the support of a true Starkey trained Estate Manager for large compound and home, guest home and more. Highest of all 10 standards And knowledge required. Putting together new staff to serve new home. Excellent salary and benefits.

    Reflections on the 2020 Pandemic

    A Picasso lithograph hanging in The Starkey Mansion

    Our emotions are running high and contradictions in our everyday work life keep us off-center. We look for ways to feel that we still have good relationships, and we work diligently to stay safe, yet don’t fully believe what we are being told by the media, and fearful reactions make us wonder what we are doing. I occasionally contemplate where I would go if our country continued in this mode. This is not a pleasant experience. Is there going to be a future that’s worth my investment in it?

    I’m getting many calls from Grads asking me for guidance. One family’s expectations were off the chart when they decided to vacate the city at once, wanting the vacant summer 6,000-square-foot home cleaned and readied in one day, along with preparing meals for the weekend. Another client kept a Grad at bay for 60 days without pay waiting for the state to be safe before she could return to work. Another Grad had to listen and support her Principal as she spilled her heart out over her constant fears of death.

    The world has indeed changed, and with it, we are not our normal selves. We feel isolated, frightened when we allow ourselves to go there, overwhelmed, depressed, and unable to find comfort with our normal workouts, hobbies, friends, or family dinners and events. Our book clubs are not meeting; the wine tastings have been cancelled, my long-planned vacation has been cancelled, the news is always angry, negative and politically divisive.

    I tell my Graduates to have faith. If you have no faith, find something to believe in to focus your attention. Get in touch with how you are feeling and what changes you would make in your personal life to create a more fulfilling experience when given the chance. I started reading best-selling books I have been putting off. Call members of your family or old friends you’ve not spoken to in a while; I certainly have. Like everyone else in the world, I’ve also baked some bread (check out my favorite bread recipe) and have started listening to opera, one of my favorite pastimes. Xavier, my husband, is hard at work building a pizza oven in our back garden! Clean something; that’s proven to be an actively healing process for both your body and your soul. Keep busy, work hard, and be mindful and conscious of what you are doing.

    This will pass sooner or later. I can only think it will have many silver linings if only one takes the time to look. Be good to yourself and genuine with your employers; they are likely having a more difficult time than you are. Continue to know you will be taken care of…the universe has very deep pockets. I am thinking of you, your well-being, and your continued success!

    Upcoming Starkey Graduate Retreat

    We are extending a warm invitation for our Starkey Weekend Retreat this October. We will be hosting a first-come, first-served intimate gathering of 20 Graduates at The Starkey Mansion. Come to connect, rejuvenate and be inspired!

    It’s hard to work in this profession alone. Come to work through the challenges and celebrate the wonderful opportunities you share with your fellow Service Hearts.

    Our first gathering last fall was so well-received that we want to keep serving our Graduates to grow in their professions in the safe, luxurious environment of The Starkey Mansion.

    Relax with our morning yoga/meditation sessions, or book a massage with our private masseuse. We will also be offering four relevant and fun workshops designed to serve you in thriving in your roles as Household/Estate Managers.

    Come prepared to share your stories, enjoy your friendships and restore the art of Private Service.

    Date: Oct. 2-4, 2020
    Location: The Starkey Mansion, 1350 Logan St. Denver, CO 80203

    Cost: $800 (Continental breakfasts, lunches and afternoon refreshments included; dinners excluded)

    Accommodation: The Starkey Mansion’s pleasant and relaxing rooms are available at an additional cost on a first-come, first-served basis. Please book a room here. We’re also happy to recommend other hotels and Airbnbs nearby.


    Reserve Your Spot Today!