Household Manager-Denver, Colo

Elder couple have set up a team of support staff so they are always covered. Couple travels a great deal, being supported by at least one of their staff, has multiple western homes.  Great position and benefits, live out.


Household Manager- San Antonio, Texas

Very busy growing young family (4) children seek the support of a smart, multitasker to manage their overall 8,000 sq ft, entertaining, child centered household. Excellent salary and benefits. Live out

Household Manager, Columbia, South Carolina Busy family, 2 school aged children, seek a Starkey Grad to manage their daily logistics and overall 10,000 sq ft rural home. Great position, excellent salary plus benefits. Condo provided.


Household Manager- Connecticut and South Fla.

Busy couple with grown children seek to change their life with making Florida their primary residence 4,000 sq ft.
They have 4 homes, Conn, Florida, and 2 in south Hampden. Lots of dogs in this family, and they love entertaining.  Excellent position and salary.


Estate Manager/ Asheville NC

Elder couple seeks a Starkey Grad, fully trust worthy professional to manage staff and grounds. 12,000 sq ft Excellent position.



Certified Estate Manager/Chef

Personal Statement:

I have been a private service professional for about a third oof my 30-odd year professional life in hospitality. I have a passion for what I do, and have never considered not being in hospitality. My first memories of service happened in childhood. I remember making dinner with my older brother for our parents when I was only 5 and taking such pride in it. I also recall the magic of my grandfather’s club: napkin folds, polished silver, and professional service. I paid attention to the right way to set a table and found myself frustrated with my little brother, who would put everything in the wrong place.
One of my first cooking jobs was at a rustic Massachusetts arts retreat, where, at 20 years old, I ran the kitchen. I have a lifelong relationship with the arts facility, starting as a child and recently spending six years on the Board of Directors. Working at Pinewoods taught me an acute awareness for the needs of others. My experiences there are the foundation of who I am professionally, and I continue to serve the facility as board member. I have served on the boards of other arts nonprofits, and understand the value of philanthropy, which in itself is a form of service.
I attended the Culinary Institute of America, which led to positions in world-class restaurants and hotels. On my first day on the job at La Grenouille, the last of the old guard “Grande Dames” of New York City, every waiter stopped, introduced himself and shook my hand. I had never experienced such civility in the workplace, and it is a model that I have aspired to ever since. La Grenouille has been justifiably awarded a James Beard Award for service. Fantastic service flowed from how the staff was treated and how the staff treated each other.
After working at The Jefferson, a luxury hotel in downtown Washington, DC, I moved into private service, initially as a chef, but then growing into a Household Manager. The first family I worked for was that of Kenneth Feld, the owner of Feld Entertainment. It was an exciting home to serve, as the family frequently entertained guests, and I wore both hats as chef and formal server. They loved being surprised and were excited by new things, and I grew tremendously.
Eventually, I would go to work for Julian and Elizabeth Eisenstein, both retired professors. I spent four and half years with them. I then attended Starkey International Institute for Household Management to fine-tune my Household Management skills. I returned to the Eisenstein’s fulltime several years later when they were in their 90s. They needed someone they trusted, and this job became the most profound work I have ever had. When they passed away, I continued to work for the estate, managing the complexities of closing the home. There was mutual respect between us, something that is crucial for any service relationship.
Currently, I work as part of a team of chefs serving the needs of a family here in DC area. . While I do not need to leave the position, I would like to get back to household and estate management. My management skills stem from a lifetime of serving others and a belief that bringing happiness to others matters. I am the go-to person within a home, paying attention to every minute detail and exceeding my principals’ expectations. I look forward to taking the depth of my knowledge to my next employers.


Certified Household Manager/Chef

Personal Statement:

I was born in Washington D.C. in a Catholic family with an older brother and sister. My father’s family is Italian and my mother’s is Greek. My early childhood was spent in Maryland where I was surrounded by books, music and the freedom to be a child and explore the outdoors. Most days were spent building forts, exploring the woods and spending hours along the Potomac River. I have been very organized even since childhood and this has followed me into adulthood; I know the value of hard work and I feel my natural ability to organize and my common sense allow me to get the job done. I quickly learned that honesty and integrity combined with my ability and drive to work hard were valuable assets and staying true to these values would be the only way to succeed and have true pride in myself at the end of the day. My standards are high and I want to make sure my Principal’s expectations are met and exceeded. I take great pride in my work. Over the past twenty years, I have been fortunate enough to have been able to travel and do what I love to do, cook and explore. I have honed my skills over the years and have had the fortune to be able to work in fine dining restaurants, busy hotels and most importantly, for private families. Working in the private service field started with parties and catering events and the next natural step was to work in private homes and that is where my service heart has been ever since. I have been able to take care of the daily needs of my Principals, their family and guests. I have the natural ability to see what needs to be done, anticipate needs and fill them. My top three service standards are Culinary, Administrative and Housekeeping. Culinary: I have enjoyed cooking and entertaining from an early age. I started buying cookbooks in my early twenties, and then decided to attend Scottsdale Culinary Institute. After culinary school, the fire was lit and I was then able to learn from many creative chefs along the way. My experience after being formally trained turned into a quest for knowledge that led me to explore different avenues in the culinary world. I worked in many facets of the restaurant service industry including three catering companies, large hotels, many intimate restaurants, giving cooking demos at a resort, creating countless menus for service in many restaurants, working as a chef in pastry and seven years as a personal chef for a lovely family. I am able to utilize my skills and experience in the culinary field by being able to identify the needs of my Principals and their guests and surpass their expectations. I am able to cook all kinds of meals, orchestrate dinner parties and create memorable desserts and pastries. I am also able to organize the pantry/food storage areas to make sure healthy food is always available and at its best. I am able to set up for smaller parties, from flowers to music and everything in-between.


Certified Household Manager

I was born as an only child in Richmond, Va. I was raised by hardworking parents who
instilled a hard work ethic from an early age. When I was 13 years old my father passed away
from colon cancer. At the age of 15 years old I started working in restaurants to help my
mother pay bills. Though some tough experiences early in my life, I am very grateful as it has
helped me understand the importance of work ethic.
My father worked and retired from DuPont & Company as a factory worker before he passed
away and my mother worked at Dominion Virginia Power as customer service representative.
Both worked very hard as I was growing up and I learned from a young age how working hard
and doing things the right way could and will lead to a successful life. When I turned 17 my
Uncle moved in with my mom and I after he had served in the Navy for 15 years. Through
talking with him and hearing his stories, I knew the Navy was the place for me to not only get
away from my hometown, but to serve my country and make a career.
It has been my honor to serve my country over the last 18 years in the United States Navy as
a Senior Chief Petty Officer. I currently serve as an Enlisted Aide to the Deputy Commander,
United States Space Command. I have learned an incredible amount about leadership and
service while serving in the Navy and while living the Navy core values of Honor, Courage,
and Commitment. This career has afforded me the opportunity to learn and enhance my
attention to detail and get it done attitude. I am very discreet and loyal. I am an integral
member of multi-disciplinary teams, successfully navigating partnerships. My time as an
Enlisted Aide has given me the opportunity to take care of multiple households, serving over
11 General/Flag Officers and their families while holding a Top Secret security clearance with
Sensitive Compartmented Information Access..
I am self-confident and trusting. My military service taught me to be well-groomed and to
have a professional appearance. I have leadership with a sense of purpose and I am able to
efficiently communicate any tasks at hand, having a great ability to communicate and master
the moment. My friends and family love my devotion and commitment while being light
hearted and funny. Everyone knows if they are in need they can always count on me.
My personal service goal is to ensure high-quality service is provided to all. I always feel my
job should be accomplished to the highest of standards. I am proud to be a graduate of the
Starkey International Institute for Household Management having earned the title of Certified
Household Manager in accordance with a curriculum approved by the State of Colorado. I
now understand what it means to be able to not only “Identify a Service Standard, or Vision,
but to use that information in the creation of a Customized Service Delivery Plan. Perhaps
this Customized Service Delivery System could serve your family.

My top four Service Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, Culinary, Entertaining

● Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt
● Agile Scrum Master
● Agile Project Manager
● Certified Technology Manager
● Intermediate Excel Professional
● Familiar with the use of PC operating systems – Microsoft Systems
● Experience managing and leading staff
● Manages schedules, calendars, household budgets, and vendors
● Creating menus, tasks sheets, and end-of-week reports through word and excel.
● Create and implement a service management plan and housekeeping plan
● Trained in the patented Starkey Service Management model

● Capable of zoning a home for cleaning and creating task sheets
● Able to clean according to zoning and tasks sheets
● Cares for high-end antique furniture, and oriental style rugs
● Keeping high standards of home cleanliness; ensuring the home is always ready for guests
● Knowledgeable on the use of specific cleaning and laundry products and their appropriate use

● Trained culinary chef – Certified American Culinary Federation, C.E.C (Certified Executive
Chef) and Culinary Institute of America, PROCHEF 1
● Former Contracted Chef at the White House and British Embassy
● Awarded multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in American Culinary Federation
● Comfortable creating simple meals with everyday pantry items
● Familiar with vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, and low-carb diets
● Enjoys cooking any ethnic cuisines
● Capable of pairing food and wine

● Trained in American plated, French, Russian, and English styles of service
● Cares for crystal, china, and silver
● Coordinates and executes formal and informal entertaining events
● High standards for entertaining; executed 100’s of formal events for distinguished civilian
government leaders, Admirals, and Generals.
● Working with many styles or themes; being able to take the principal’s ideas and turn them into
the perfect event.
● Creates a desired ambiance in the home, based on a Principal’s standards
Clothing & Valet:
● Launders and irons clothing and uniforms
● Specialty fabric, shoe, and leather care
● Capable of sewing buttons
● Able to rotate clothing for seasonal storage
● Organizes closets and packs for business and leisure travel

● Basic preventative maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and security/smart home
systems (i.e. changing filters, bulbs, etc.)
Property & Grounds:
● Maintenance of landscape – Able to manicure lawn, edging, and trim bushes
● Auto/Schedule or turn on outdoor irrigation, entry controls, lighting, sound systems
Travel & Transportation:
● Experience serving on military-style private planes, etc.
● Experienced driver; Driving official military vehicles to get my principal to appointments on
time and safely.
● Coordinates travel, international and domestic, including flights, hotels, ground transportation,
restaurant reservations, etc.
● Coordinates vehicle maintenance schedule, insurance, and registration schedules. Keeping
detailed records and being able to track on the calendar.

Safety and Protection:
● Established top-secret government security clearance. (TS/SCI)
● Walks property daily
● Personal protection training and abilities
● Concealed Carry Permit
● Relevant Military training

Child Care:
● Experience caring for children, new-born through teenager
● Coached multiple age groups for youth soccer teams
● Natural affinity and life experience with children

Pet Care:
● Knowledge and experience of regular health maintenance for dogs

Guest Care:
● Guest management for events – creating flavour profiles with likes/dislikes and allergies


Certified Household Manager


Personal Statement:

I was born in Amman, Jordan, and grew up in a large family. My parents worked very hard to raise us through hard times, but their patience, hard work, and discipline allowed them to succeed in their family life. They taught us all that if we want something in life, we would have to work hard to earn it. So, I remember most of my childhood was going to our farm and working on it. When I turned 13, my dad started to talk to me as a mature young man by giving me the opportunity to make decisions, lessons from his experiences in life, how to treat and deal with adults, and what to expect out of life when I grew up. As we lived under our parents’ roof, we were all taught to be respectful to others, honest, straightforward, and loyal. I must say they invested a lot of time teaching manners and ethics. Our house was always full of relatives and guests who came to visit us. So we had to socialize and entertain our guests and serve food and beverages to them. They also taught us how to be hospitable warm and welcoming to our guests and the people who knocked at our door. All this hard work paid off when all my parents started to see their children graduating from colleges and now with great jobs and all married to beautiful families

 As for my role, I went to a military high school where I learned more discipline and team loyalty as a young man. Upon graduation from high school, my parents helped me to get a college scholarship to either become an airline pilot or go to the United States and attend college. I chose to come to the US at the age of seventeen. I attended the Language Institute at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C to improve my English. After a year, I was accepted to Daytona Beach Community College where I finished my two-year diploma in Hospitality. I decided to continue my education and was accepted to Florida International University which is known for its hospitality program being third in the world. Two years later, I received my BA in Hospitality Management. While in college, I got my first job working as a dishwasher to earn extra money. I also started to build up the technical skills and education needed to be successful in the hospitality field. I was well-recognized by the upper management at Marriott for my hard work which put me on their management career path program. They had me work just everywhere in the hotel which was a great experience to this day. I have worked with them for about 7 years and after that, I was recruited to open a multi-sport food and beverage club called Dune Club Amman-Jordan. This was my first large opening experience where I set up the food and beverage standards manual and policies for nine F&B outlets. After a successful opening of Dunes Club, and the opportunity of Planet Hollywood needing a GM and Area Assists Leader. We opened Planet Hollywood Amman, Sharm Al Sheik, Egypt, and Beirut, Lebanon. In 2001, I decided to go back into hotel operations, so I accepted a position as the Food and Beverage Outlets Manager at the Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda Island. A couple of years later, I was called by the Fairmont Human Resource Regional VP-Middle East and Africa offering me to re-join the Fairmont Hotels and Resort in the capacity of Food and

Beverage Director for the Fairmont Tower Cairo-Egypt. After five years of Fairmont experiences. I decided to take my knowledge and experience to a different level of service and that’s “Royal Service”. That’s where my true     Roya service began as I started my role as Deputy Director of Hospitality for King Abdullah of Jordan and the royal palaces and continued service for 10 exciting and tough years. I also must say during those years I was blessed with learning every day and developing operations when it comes to royals, head of state visits, protocols, airport welcome, accommodations, entertainment, reception, dinner arrangement, and many private programs. I describe myself as very hands-on employee.  My style as a leader is to work hard and smart, utilize the people whom I manage well, and look for ways to improve the daily tasks and project implementation. My people skills include being fair to all employees, but disciplined. I am a self-driven individual and have the capability to think outside of the box and master the moment. I have been described as formal yet friendly, professional, polished, detail-oriented, service-centered, international in style, and humble. Moving to my last employment, I was recruited to work as GM of Royal Service, for the Private Royal Affairs of Saudi Arabia. During the past three years, I was able to work on so many improvement projects but the main big one was to a replacement, and upgrade the food and beverage operation for more than 17 palaces across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These projects wear replace most of the China, service equipment, uniform, table linen, buffet equipment, staff training, and uniform, and recruit additional 175 staff members. The results were amazing and satisfactory to the principal.

My top standards are AdministrativeHousekeepingCulinary, and Entertainment.

Administrative: My passion for administration came when I was a young kid; I always felt like taking the lead for a group of kids at the time. Nowadays, my strength has increased because of my work experiences where I learned how to communicate, supervise and delegate duties, conduct professional meetings, maintain daily tracking of tasks, negotiate with vendors, hire and counsel staff, keep clear records of all expenses and approve invoices, handle petty cash, and set up standards and policies for staff to follow. I have the ability to plan ahead for future events and projects, keep good records of inventories and purchases and handle multi-tasks. All these can be easily transferred to household management allowing Principals to be more comfortable and not have to deal with operational daily tasks. 





Personal Statement Continued:

Housekeeping: I always like to live and be around places where everything is just beautiful and clean. My five-star hotel experience has increased my knowledge in the housekeeping area where I learned how to be hands-on with the housekeeping team, coordinate the daily, weekly, and details cleaning tasks, how set high standards expected from the housekeepers, strong knowledge of what areas need to be cleaned on a rotation base like zoning the home. I have a deep appreciation for collectibles, fine china, and crystal.  I am experienced in spot-checking assigned tasks and cleaning programs and have knowledge of how to handle housekeeping stock items and inventories.  

Culinary: I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen since I was a little child when I used to sit next to my mother and watch her cook for us as a family. This passion continues to this day. I received culinary training at university and the places I worked such as Capital Grille, La Roaches School, Marriott, and Fairmont hotels. I have been in the food and beverage industry for 25 years and still enjoy it. I have planned and managed events from 20-to 5000 guests. I have planned events from royal weddings, large banquet events, and state dinners for heads of state. I am knowledgeable about food quality purchases and have the ability to produce high-end menus and recipes for any event theme. I am well-trained in Food Safety and Hygiene (HACCP) and can work with Principal’s flavor profiles to constantly exceed their expectations. I am also very knowledgeable about international cuisines.  

Entertaining: I came from a family where we had guests in our home at all times. I consider myself an outgoing person who always enjoys meeting new people from all over the world; I also majored in Hospitality Management at Florida International University- Miami, Florida. At the university, I learned all the technical skills needed to be successful in planning events. Forty percent of my current work is planning and entertainment events for the royal family from heads of state visits, entertaining his majesty’s private guests at the guest palace, coordinating large private events with party planners, equipment rental, caterers, floral designers, entertainers, training staff of the different serving styles

(French, Silver, Russian) and the ability to order, organize, and inventory housewares, fine China, silver flatware, service ware, crystal stemware & table linens.



Certified Household Manager

Top Standards
My top five Service Standards are Administration , Clothing + Valet, Entertaining, Housekeeping, and Culinary

 My most important moral is Honor. Honor to me means honesty and integrity. Growing up my mother would, if she could, not tell my dad about things that would upset him. So, if I got a bad grade, made a mistake, or got in trouble at school she would most often not tell him. As a child, I liked this because it meant fewer punishments for me. However, as an adult, I now see that it taught me that it was okay to lie or be dishonest, if it saved you from future punishment. So, for a period of time towards the end of high school and beginning of college I did not always make the most honest choices, because I justified them in my mind. In hindsight I see that when I was not being my most authentic, honest self – I attracted dishonesty into my life. Thankfully, I learned this lesson sooner rather than later, and began the process of changing the way I think and making better choices.

In 2017, I met the love of my life. He was wonderful in every single way, or at least I thought. About two and a half years into our relationship he admitted to me that he had been struggling with an opioid addiction on and off since high school (so about 15 years), despite being an extraordinary person. After the sudden death of his father (a couple years into our relationship), he relapsed, despite being sober for the beginning of our relationship. I truly had no idea, and I was devastated and confused as to how to navigate the situation. Ultimately, he did not have the ability to conquer his addiction in this lifetime, on this earth, and he passed away about a year after I found out about his addiction struggles. These life-changing experiences reinforced my dedication and focus on honesty and integrity throughout all areas of my life and career.

As I get older and reflect more on myself and why I am the way I am, I realize how much my childhood shaped me and why I do the things I do. As a child, what I learned was that it was okay to be dishonest, if it saved you from future trouble or punishment. On the other hand, what adulthood has taught me is that Karma is real, and to always act in accordance with what is right. I have gone through periods where I was not my most honest self, and life was not good for me during those periods. From those parts of my life, I have truly learned the value of integrity, for me, not for anyone else. I now do my best to always be honest and always act in a manner that I am proud of, when the people are around and when I am alone. I hope to utilize my integrity, love of Service, and knowledge of the Starkey Service Management System to further improve the life of my future Principal, and be the best Private Service Manager I can be.




Certified Household Manager

My Top Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, Maintenance,Entertainment

 I was born in Odessa, Ukraine which is on the Black sea coast. My father was a train and locomotive engineer/ driver, and my mother was a consumer goods expert. They both obtained technical degrees in technical colleges in my hometown. I enjoyed living in Odessa, Ukraine as it is a beautiful city with nice beaches and beautiful European architecture as initially it was built by Italians, French and Greeks. As it was and remains the large port on South of Ukraine it always draws merchants, student and foreign tourist. They still call it South Palmira. I attended very good schools and had been introduced to the English languish since I was a young girl which later on helped me to obtain my degree in language and literature.

Since I was a teenager, I started to dream about traveling and had no idea how I could do that. My parents were not rich and worked hard to make sure that me and my brother got a good education and became good people. After I finished my studies, I did not have any money, or a job and I decided to work temporarily in the restaurant to practice my personal skills and had no idea that it will lead me to my long-life career in hospitality and Private Service.

My parents were always working so I needed to grow up and at times to take care of my brother as he is 10 years younger than me. That was my beginning of service and taking care of others. Implementing simple tasks around the house simple cooking, laundry, cleaning on weekly basis.


When I turned 22 I got my first job and then in 2 years, I was working in Europe on a cruise ship and two years after I was working off the coast of Texas, in the US in another cruise ship.


I have been working on the ships since 2008 and then I gradually transitioned to working in the private home and have remained working in the private service industry till today.


I have lived primarily in South Florida since I have moved to the US 20 years ago. It happened uninhibitedly as South Florida reminds me a much of my homeland. I always have the opportunity to go to the seaside and meditate at times. Being by the ocean side gives me energy and I always go back. I have been told for that matter that I will fit great on the East coast of the US. I intuitively know that I have a genuine service heart; I am a giver, and a people person.


Working for a long time in Private Service has taught me, and advanced my confidence and ability to perform different tasks and think fast to make it happen.


Is one of my strengths due to my experience with computers and software programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft Outlook I currently use at work; I use the calendar aspect as much as the email portion of the program. I have over ten years of supervisory and management experience with teams of 10-15 or more members and have managed 15 or more vendors (pool maintenance, security systems, HVAC, wine cellars, etc.). I have the responsibility of creating and maintaining a budget, negotiated service contracts, gathering estimates and bids on projects, and ensuring they are carried out to satisfactory completion.




 I am directly responsible for oversight of the Housekeeping staff in my most recent position in private service. I have established / maintained cleaning zones and task sheets and personally ensure quality control for the cleaning of the entire 11,000 square foot property. I would not be capable of expecting that my staff maintain such high levels of performance if I didn’t hold myself to that same standard. I pride myself in my own housekeeping abilities and realize that I thrive in an exceptionally clean and organized environment. In addition, I have become very familiar with the luxury market and provide the best possible experience for our affluent clientele.  I am hands on and teach other personnel showing how and what needs to be done. I have a strong eye on details






Over the many years and recently going through Starkey’s extensive Certified Household Management course, I have mastered different silver service styles, I have honed my passion for making an event better and more exciting that anyone could imagine. I very much look forward to coordinating weddings, rehearsal dinners, anniversary and birthday parties, corporate and fund raising events. I am accurately described by others as a systems woman with an eye for details, appreciation of value-added ideas and a burning desire to exceed all expectations. 


Technical Skills Synopsis:



·         Familiar with the use of PC and Mac operating systems, specific software

·         Experience managing staff in the private home and at previous jobs in hospitality industry

·         Experience with vendors and contractors, architects for renovation projects, chooses vendors according to the tasks given by the principal

·         Supervised multiple renovation projects and worked closely with general contractor for quotes and execution of the projects according to the principal needs

·         Chose various products for interior design projects for the principal

·         Researched and purchased interior design items on the request of the principal

·         Made orders for the furniture and appliances, lights, etc.

·         Manages schedules, calendars, and household budgets

·         Trained in the patented Starkey Service Management model

·         Monthly bank account report

·         Performs certain monthly payments or different accounts


·         Capable of zoning a home for cleaning and creating task sheets

·         Cares for high-end antiques, artwork, and other collectible and valuable household items

·         Knowledgeable of specific cleaning and laundry products and their appropriate use

·         Purchasing and restocking proper cleaning products

·         Researching the products that are safe for pets and children



·         Comfortable creating simple meals with everyday pantry items

·         Familiar with cooking certain ethnic cuisines

·         Capable of pairing food and wine

·         Full grocery shopping


Clothing & Valet:

·         Launders and irons clothing

·         Specialty fabric, shoe, and leather care

·         Capable of sewing buttons and performing minor clothing repairs

·         Rotates clothing for seasonal storage

·         Organizes closets and packs and unpacks for business and leisure travel

·         Has a great personal interest in clothing and fashion

·         Have a good knowledge of high-end brands of clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes



·         Trained in the Ballet of Service Style

·         Event planning and organization

·         Trained in American plated, French, Russian, and English styles of service

·         Table Settings

·         Cares for fine crystal, china, and silver

·         Able to coordinate and execute formal and informal entertaining events

·         Create a desired ambiance in the home, based on a Principal’s standards

·         Knowledgeable floral arranging

·         Familiar with wines and spirits, purchasing any wines and spirits that requested by the principal

·         Cigar shopping and humidor care


Property & Grounds:

Safety and Protection:

·         Walks property daily



·         Basic maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and security/smart home systems

·         Repair and maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and security/smart home systems

·         List advanced knowledge of specific systems: Christon

·         Any kind of home maintenance from professional upholstery cleaning to professional stone cleaning

·         Close work with plumbers, electricals, installers, general contractors, audio and video specialists, drapery installers, painters, A/C specialists, etc.

Travel & Transportation:

·         Experience serving on luxury yachts.

·         Capable of doing chauffeuring

·         Coordinates travel, international and domestic, including flights, hotels, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, etc.

·         Trained in Aircraft procedures and safety, inflight service of VIP. Corporate Aviation.  Cabin in service, food procurement, handling, prep0aration, galley safety, bed making, and caring for the cabin in flight.  Medical Certification in CP r, evacuation, live fire, ditching, hypoxia drill

·         Well-travelled and interested in traveling with the principal if needed

·         Performs basic vehicle and golf cars maintenance (oil changes, tire rotation, maintaining fluid levels, etc.)

·         Able to purchase a vehicle, golf cars according to the principal’s instructions

·         Coordinate’s vehicle maintenance schedule, insurance, registration, and licensure

Pet Care:

·         Knowledge and experience of regular health maintenance of small dogs and cats.

·         Supervised or unsupervised animal medical care (administering medications) for principals’ pets: small dogs, cats.

·         Booking of flights and all necessary paperwork for pet’s travel with or without principals.

·         Familiar with working with commercial pet carriers

·         Comfortable working around pets

·         Took care of principal’s pets on multiple occasions

·         Close work with veterinarian on multiple occasions

Guest Care:

·         Experience working in a home with frequent high level house guests

·         Level of concierge service offered: whatever guest requested- information was found and provides

·         Guest management (profiles, likes/dislikes, services and tourism offered, etc.)

Child Care:

·         Experience caring for children, 2–5-year-old, baby-sitting, food preparation, giving a bath, putting to bed, outdoor walks without additional supervision.

·         Natural affinity and life experience with children






Estate Manager/Personal Chef

Top Standards:

Available for short-terms Private Chef positions anywhere