Customized Service to Fit Your Lifestyle

Starkey has learned that genuine service is obtained only when expectations are understood and met!  To achieve this, Starkey comes to your home or service environment to customize service for you and your lifestyle. By participating in the on-site consultation and using Starkey’s Service Management System process, your Lifestyle Service Vision, Service Priorities and Standards will be articulated.

StarkeyCrestEach Family has a unique Service Lifestyle. It may be formal, corporate, family friendly, directed towards retirement and travel, or casual. Your priorities may include developing your entertainment style, providing an educational environment for your children, caring for overnight guests, or making large-scale renovations.  Your Style of Service Staffing must also be unique to you and must be positioned to effectively support your Service Vision.

Mrs. Starkey generally arrives in the late afternoon in time for an initial meeting to determine the principal’s Vision of Service.

It is often positioned as part of a dinner conversation so that there is time for all to consider and articulate expected outcomes. This dinner meeting also takes place to identify service priorities and your overall Service Values and Goals.

The next morning, Mrs. Starkey returns to your residence for an in-depth household tour to identify your:

  • Service Standards.
  • Zoning and Housekeeping Task Sheet requirements.
  • Staffing and Service Flow needs.
  • Meet any Current Staff.

And to ascertain the needs of your specific Service Environment and prepare the written Service Management Plan (Typically estimated 55 page document). The Site Visit is usually concluded in the early afternoon following lunch.

In approximately two weeks following the Site Visit, you will receive an initial written plan using Starkey’s Service Management System, similar to the report presented in Mrs. Starkey’s Setting Household Standards publication sent when you initially registered your intent to work with Starkey. This customized Service Management Plan includes the identification of your Service Vision and customization of all ten Service Standards, recommendations for the required staff as well as required Technical Skills levels to meet your Service Expectations.

In addition, Day-in-the-Life® Position Descriptions will be developed for your primary staff members.  Finally, an overall Service Matrix will be created that delineates the number of service hours each staff person must complete on a weekly basis to meet your service expectations.

Once customized, it will also give you an overall idea of what the expected Service Standards will require in weekly staff hours with overall Service Recommendations.

Most of our Clients choose to have Starkey help them define their Service Needs, and customize their Service Delivery Plan prior to beginning the hiring process. Starkey is then able to hand-pick the perfect Certified Household or Estate Manager, Personal Assistant, Butler, Private Chef and etc.

Site Visits generally last no more than 7 hours (over two days) for one location.  Principals with multiple homes may require additional on-site visits and/or report development time. The cost for the Site Visit and a customized Service Delivery Plan is $15,500 plus travel, and costs.


During your site visit, Starkey will:

  • Help You Define Your Service Vision and Lifestyle Goals.
  • Identify Your Household Service Staffing requirements using our Day-In-The-Life® Model.
  • Identify Your specific Service Standards in Ten Categories.
  • Identify Your Educational training needs for Current or Future Staff.
  • Customize an initial Household Service Plan that will specifically identify the right number of Staff, their Abilities, and Service Attitudes.
  • Handpick a Starkey Household or Estate Manager that fits the environment (only if placement is required).



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