•Identifies specific Service Expectations.
•Introduces functional Service Management Terminology.
•Provides Eleven Unique Service Management Tools for Managing Service Expectations.
•Organizes and upholds these Service Standards and Expectations on a Daily Basis.
•Customizes an overall Service Management Plan.

In 1997, Starkey registered a patent for the Starkey Service Management System. This system is an interactive communication model that is specifically designed to customize service delivery. No longer will service  expectations be left to guessing and on crisis-mode. The Starkey System adapts to any Family or Service Environment and to all Service Expectations.


The Starkey System presents to Employers:

•A Standards Matrix for Identifying their Service Standards
•Technical Skills Qualifier for evaluating candidates
•Zoning and Customization of  Housekeeping Task Sheets and Products
•Day in the Life for Accountability and Communication
•Service Matrix for presenting the entire service management Plan.

The Starkey Service Management System was patented in 1997. (Patent No. US 6,745,200 B2)



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